This is a list of most if not all the projects I’ve completed or shelved for one reason or another. There are a few here that were started then the kit was sold off because I realised I would never get around to finishing it or I just completely lost interest. There is a ton of information built up over the years and hopefully this continues to grow. Each kit is different, but as you read more, you will realize that the process for building is the same. At least I have a certain method that I’ve become comfortable with and have settled into my own style of building. This isn’t a how to build for folks to follow, but more of how *I* build and hopefully folks take away some good ideas that will help you guys grow as gunpla/resin figure modelers. In the past, I used to update the articles as I built, but now I rely on blog posts to the front page for updates on current projects. I now usually update this once I finish a project. I will combine all the posts made during the actual build of the project into one long page. If you have questions or want some clarifications for anything written in these articles, leave a comment or email me!

Gunpla Builds

1/100 Resin Kampfer Evo. Ver. ProgressCompleted
1/144 Entry Grade Nu Gundam ProgressCompleted
1/100 P Bandai MG Hazel ProgressCompleted
1/35 Din Djarin ProgressCompleted
1/24 Resin Sazabi Bust ProgressCompleted
Hello Kitty X Gundam Wall Art ProgressCompleted
Votoms ST Tortoise ProgressCompleted
Gundam Beyond Global ProgressCompleted
Gouf Girl Custom ProgressCompleted
Ford Mustang GT4 ProgressCompleted
Lamborghini Jota ProgressCompleted
Zaku Exceed Conversion to Gouf Custom with Bust ProgressCompleted
MG Dom Barrage ProgressCompleted
Gundam RX-78 Exceed Head ProgressCompleted
Bear Guy Dominator Progress ProgressCompleted
1/100 GM Sniper 2 ProgressCompleted
1/144 Resin Sazabi Progress*Completed
1/100 Hyaku Shiki 2.0 Progress*Completed
1/100 Gusion Progress*Completed
Operation Sucker Punch Progress*Completed
1/144 Grimoire Progress*Completed
Resin SD Kampfer Progress*Completed
MG Ver Ka Sazabi Progress*Completed
MG Ver Ka Nu Progress*Completed
MG Zaku Minelayer (Midnight Zaku) Progress*Completed
HGUC UC Project Progress*Completed
HGUC Sazabi Base Build Progress*Completed
1/144 HGUC GM Team Dio Progress*Completed
SD Nightingale Progress Part 1*Completed
SD Nightingale Progress Part 2*Completed
1/144 HGUC Sazabi Progress*Completed
1/144 HGUC Bearguy Progress*Completed
1/100 MG Gouf 2.0 Conversion to Gouf Custom Progress*Completed
1/100 MG GN-X Progress*Completed
SD Gundam NT-1 “Alex” Progress*Completed
MG Exia Group Build Progress*Completed
1/100 OO Riser Group Build Progress*Completed
PG Astray Group Build Progress**Some day**
MG Shin Musha Gundam Progress*Completed
1/100 GM Sniper Custom Conversion Progress*Completed
Non Scale Air Man Progress***Shelved***
1/144 HGUC Nu Progress*Half Completed
1/100 MG Hi Nu Conversion Progress*Completed
1/72 AC Atlas Foxeye Progress**on hold**
Zaku II 2.0 No Paint Progress*Completed
MG Char’s Zaku II 2.0 S Progress*Completed
Gyan Girl Kit Bash Progress**on hold**
1/144 Wave Quebeley Progress*Completed
0080 Desert Diorama Progress*Completed
1/100 MG Gyan Progress*Completed
1/400 Musai **Sold kit**
1/100 MG Sazabi Core Works Conversion*Completed
SD Kampfer *Completed
1/35 MS-06 Zaku IIS Head*Completed
1/100 BD-2 Blue Destiny Conversion Kit (Core-Works)**Kit Sold**
1/144 HGUC TR-121-1 Gundam Hazel Kai*Completed
MG MS 18E Kampfer Shin Matsunaga Custom *Completed
MG RX-78-2 Gundam One Year War Version Project Pegasus *Completed
EX 1/1700 Musai*Completed
MG RB 79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver Ka *Completed
PGM Sniper Custom diorama*Completed
1/100 RX-121 Gundm TR-1 [Hazel] Conversion *Completed
HG 1/100 MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame*Completed
MG PGM 79 Powered GM Sniper Diorama *Completed
MG MS 05B Ramba Ral’s Zaku I*Completed
1/100 Den’on Zon *Completed
1/35 Nu Gundam Head*Completed
MG MSM 03 Gogg *Completed
Resin Hi Nu Conversion for MG RX93 Nu Gundam *Completed

Resin Figure Builds

Volks A Brand Subaru ProgressCompleted
Gundam X Girl X Akira ProgressCompleted
1/6 Nier Automata 2B ProgressCompleted
1/6 Tifa Lockhart ProgressCompleted
Volks Sakurai Aoi Commission ProgressCompleted
Grim Reaper ProgressCompleted
Azumanga Daioh PG03 Ver “Osaka” ProgressCompleted
1/8 Volks Saber Bride Commission ProgressCompleted
1/6 Asuka Bust in New Plugsuit Progress*Completed
1/7 Yoko by Buster Seven Progress
1/7 Cosette Bust Progress*Completed
1/7 Ragged Kanu Progress
Odin Sphere’s Velvet Progress*Completed
Kriska Barchenowa Progress
1/7 Hustler Progress
1/6 Taimanin Asagi Progress*Completed
1/7 Asuka Cosplaying as Yoko Progress
1/6 Villeta Nu Progress
1/6 Kanu Uncho Progress*Completed
1/4 Bome Kanu Progress*kit sold*
1/4 Pearl Yoko Progress*Completed
1/6 Midori Sugiura Progress*Completed
1/6 Young Hip Cover Gal Progress*Completed
1/6 Harohmaru Progress**on hold**
1/6 Yamashita’s Emaretta Progress**on hold**
1/7 Haruhi Suzumiyas Progress*Completed
1/6 Cerberus Project Dark Elf Progress*Completed
1/6 Sonsakau Hakufu Progress*Completed
Rune Masquer Siegfried**on hold**
1/4 Mitsuki Hayase Bust*Completed
1/6 Saber from Wonderfest 2006*Completed
1/8 Rio *Completed
Lynx Girl *Completed
1/5 Rio
1/6 Ryofu Housen from Original kit from Griffon*Completed
1/6 Asuka Langley in Yellow Dress *Completed
1/6 Fate/Stay Night Saber Figure *Completed

Other Builds

Lancia Stratos HF ProgressCompleted
Lamborghini Jota ProgressCompleted
AMG Mercedes GT3 ProgressCompleted
SD VF-1J Valkyrie ProgressCompleted
Steyr Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO) Progress***Shelved***
1/72 Elintseeker Progress**Shelved***
1/72 Akuyaku #1 Diorama Progress**on hold**
1/72 VF-0S Battloid*Completed
1/100 FSS Phantom *Completed
Hasegawa 1/72 SV-51 Gamma Ivanov *Completed