1/100 RB 79 Ball Progress

Jan 5, 2005: This is a progress page for the Master Grade RB 79 Mobil Pod Ball Ver Ka. Currently I only have the kit snapped together and I am deciding on how to display the kit. The kit came with some nice little greeblies so I will probably make something similar to a hanger dock making repairs on a damaged Ball. Tomorrow I will begin the prep work for painting the guy.

The kit itself is relatively small, but for $24 US and a brand new MG, it seems worth it. If the shop that I picked this guy up from had more, I would have grabbed a couple of more. There are a few seams here and there but it shouldn't take long to complete. This should be a nice quick fun build.

Jan 7, 2005: Below is a comparison shot of the RGM-79[G] standing next to the Ball with the stand so you get a general idea of how big the ball is in comparison. The next shot is a before and after of one piece of the Ball's outer shell. I added a few more panel lines to the kit. The most were done of these two panels because they were a bit plain. The shell for the back, the top piece, and a few smaller pieces got the scriber treatment as well. This is the first time I scribed lines in, and thanks to WhiteBase from the CoM forums for the technique using masking tape as a guide and then running the scribber lightly across until the line is scribbed. Also thanks to Ako's tips also from CoM of doing the panel lines between layers of paint. The effect is very nice. Too bad I'm off to Vegas for the next two days, or I'd have even more to show. Until next week.

Jan 13, 2005 More progress on the Ball. The color I painted was a bit dark for the decal sheet that came with the kit so I will be using watersides where I can. I've never been a huge fan of lots and lots of decals so I may stick with the bare minimum. I did some battle damage to the kit and right now the kit's completely painted and futured. Right now, I have the decals left to do, the weathering, and final coats of future for the kit. I'm in the middle of working on the base. I have a long weekend this week for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So I should be able to spend a good amount of time towards finishing up the kit.

Jan 16, 2005: More updates. Getting close to finishing the kit. Right now all I have left to do are the figures. But from the last update until now I completed the decals using the decals from the sticker sheet and waterslides. The color I used to paint is too dark so the dry transfers do not show up well at all, so those were not used. After this was done, a coat of future and flat base was applied. The weathering was done with dry brushed enamel steel and chalk pastels. A final layer of future and flat base was applied and that completed the Ball kit itself. For the base, I used the acrylic clear and baking soda for creating the concret. Then painted a few areas and then weathered it. I created some "Remove Before Flight" flags and placed them all around the kit. I cut the arms of the figures to reposition them. Tomorrow I will sand, prime, and then paint the figurines. This should be completed sometime next week. Stay tuned.

Jan 17, 2005: Ok I chopped and glued the arms of the various figures I had left over from other MG kits to add onto the two standing figures that came with the Ball kit. Today, I sanded and prepared the figured for painting. The painting went in this direction: Primer; yellow orange Mr Color laquor; Tamyia clear orange; humbrol earth for the feet, gloves and belt; humbrol flesh for the face; model masters enamel flat white for the helmets; future; a wash with model masters enamel gloss black; and a final layer of future and flat base. And below are the various pictures taken throughout the day as I completed the final pieces to this project.



Update Information:

Jan 17, 2005: I finished the kit, click here for the completed MG Ball page.




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