Entry Grade Nu Gundam: the two week build

Kicking off at midnight August 1st, I cracked open the box and clipped a few parts off the tree and called it a night as I had an early morning.

But a day or so later, I started getting into the clean up work for the kit. The V-fins always need shaping to sharpen them up and remove the kid friendly non pointy bits. There were only 2 seams, well, two seams *I* dealt with, the chest and the gun. I guess the shoulders could have a seam, but I was too lazy to deal with that. There were however, a shit ton of mold lines. They were everywhere. I even missed a few and needed to go back to sand those down even after I had gotten the part painted. Second layer of paint too.


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Story time boys and girls and maybe a little history to support things and give some perspective. As a model builder (gunpla included); I’ve been in the plastic model community for over 20 years now. Going back to forums like Hobbyfan, gundam.com, childofmecha, etc. I’ve known a good number of my fellow model builders for just as long. I’ve had this site since December 2003, so that’s creeping up on 20 years. Basically, I’m an old fuck; and my peer builders are all old fucks too. I guess you can chalk this mindless rambling as a disgruntled old man griping about shit. At least it should be entertaining.

A few years into establishing my webpage and establishing myself in the local model building community (IPMS and various So Cal model groups), my fellow builders and I thought we should start building together on a monthly basis; and our monthly build gatherings were born and I got to meet a ton more builders. Some are still very close friends to this day. Born out of these gatherings, we now had a crew of folks that built gunpla and we hit up all the local model contests, and collectively, we were known to the model clubs as “those gundam guys”. So the name stuck. Also born out of this is the need for a focused contest for our niche, with our own set of rules that fit – so that we just don’t keep walking away from the other local contests disgruntled old fucks complaining about getting a raw stick up our asses when it came to getting our gunpla kits judged. Southern California Gundam Model Competition (SCGMC as most of you guys know it) was born over 10 years ago, we’ve had 10 contests and should be on #12 this year, but we lost a year to COVID. SCGMC is THE BIGGEST live gunpla event in all of North America. I’m just so proud of my crew that helped us get here!


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Finally, finished the damn P Bandai MG Hazel

So, I had completely forgotten that I didn’t actually finish this project. It has been in psudo-limbo for the past 4 and a half years. The last update to this project was actually in October 2017. I actually continued to build up through November 18, 2017 and then stopped. Holiday season was upon us, things happened, and the last bit of the project got shelved. We’ll go back to those last undocumented two weeks before coming to finishing this project within the last 10 days. So below is the last picture from the last post and what the kit looks like now.

Jump ahead to close out the story on this, supposedly, quick build that only took almost 5 years to complete. (more…)

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