Basic Building Techniques

Basic Building Layers*Video (Under Construction)
Sanding Tutorial*Video
Seam Lines *Video
Primer Tutorial *Video
Basic Airbrushing*Video
How to apply water slide decals Tutorial*Video
How to apply a panel line wash Tutorial*Video
How to mask tutorial*Video
How to fix a broken joint*Video

Advanced Building Techniques

Reverse Wash Tutorial*Video
Advanced Airbrushing*Video(under construction)
Pearl Powder Tutorial*Video
Applying Texture To Plastic Tutorial*Video
Antenna/V-Fin Sharpening and Thinning Tutorial*Video
Mono Eye Modification Tutorial
LED Installation
Resin Casting 101
Clemstriping Technique
Aurora Film Technique
A simple acrylic display build

Weathering Techniques

Applying Pastels Tutorial*Video
Dry Brushing Tutorial*Video
Applying Damages Tutorial*Video
How to apply a fade/filter Tutorial*Video
Weathering II: Finishing Touches
Weathering III: Extreme Damage

Resin Figure Building Techniques

Resin Figure Start to Finish Tutorial*Videos
Resin Figure Pinning Tutorial*Video
Resin Figure Flash/Mold Line Removal Tutorial*Video
Resin Figure Gap Filling Tutorial*Video
Filling Air Bubbles
How to Clean Resin Parts*Video
How to Mix Skin Tone*Video
How to Paint Resin Anime Eyes*Video

Diorama/Base Building Techniques

Diorama Building: Burying a Gundam
How to build a realistic tarmac/sidewalk Tutorial
How to create sidewalks and roadways with cracks Tutorial

Photography and Presentation

How to Take Photos
How to build a Light Box


Decanting Spray Cans*Video
Spray Booth Build
Iwata HP-C Airbrush Care Tutorial*Video
Work shop 2006