This is a kit from 2008, well, the original was from 2008 out of the C3X Chara Hobby show sold in a small production run by Volks. The character is from Choukou Sennin Haruka and is one of those ecchi choose how to molest the characters kind of games. She has the options for before and after a battle from the game for which I guess she loses her right arm/hand. It makes for a better looking pose than with the sculpted hand. Here are some reference pictures:

This is a recast from that kit that I picked up around 2011. I think I pinned up the kit when I first got it and that’s about all I did. I feel like working on something fairly easy, so I picked a figure kit. I got a set of new tools that I want to try out on the kit. Step one was to remove all the old pins and redo everything

Once everything is aligned, I get all the glory of this recast. I’ve built original Volks kits, so I know the alignment issues are not from them. This has got to be some shrinkage in the molds, misaligned molds or even squishing the molds while casting. All sorts of almost a partial fit can be seen. Nothing lines up in the three clothing pieces. See reference images above…

Option B, we go nude. Just throw out the clothes. This kit really only lends to building with the clothes or without as making it removable will still have a horrible seam, but it can be done. I just don’t like that there isn’t a natural break, so the visible seam would annoy me.

Here are the three clothing pieces that are the problems.

Letting the ideas marinate a bit, we move on to the sword. Typical issues with resin is warping or bent/curved parts. This is easily resolved with two metal rulers, plastic clamps, and the dehydrator set to 150 degress F and cooking the whole assembly for 2 hours and letting it naturally cool back down to room temp. A few hours later, the sword is straight.

Looking at the assembled front clothes, there are massive gaps between the top and bottom pieces too. Recasting result. But if you look closely, you see my option C.

Option C: trim off some of the front and rear skirt areas so I don’t need to deal with so much sculpt and gap filling. Bonus is that I get to show off the panties and booty. She’s not quite nude, but now a little more scantily clad.

The front dress part is tack glued and epoxy putty is pressed in from the back to fill in the front gaps. Once this cures, I’ll be using light curing putty to finish the sculpt.

Now that the front and back dress are trimmed, the gap and alignment issue is more feasible.

Once more set of turnarounds with the straightened sword in hand.

This should be a quick and dirty little project.

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