Din Djarin Modified Naboo N1 Starfighter Progress

On the StarShipModeler’s FB page, there is a Prop/Model Kit maker that designed Mando’s N1 Starship from the recent Book of Boba Fett series. I believe it first appears in episode 5 that was released about the last week of January 2022. Tons of folks started making mods to existing Naboo kits and toys, and there were a handful of folks designing 3D versions for printing. Alain Rivard designed one and was posting progress on the SSM FB page. I was definitely interested and I hadn’t built a Star Wars kit in forever. So I followed the progress and order the files once he was done and got to printing. Here is a before and after.

Full details of the build after the jump. (more…)

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Lancia Stratos HF Build

I actually started this project last year around June and just got to a point a week into June and just stopped. I was fairly far along too, but I didn’t pick this back up until January. Then paused again because the 2B kit came in and I actually finished her without interruptions. But back to this project that I actually finished the middle of Feb, but just forgot to post about it. (I started and finished another kit *cough*anotherSazabi*cough*)

I love these 70’s era euro sports cars. I think I picked this up last year during our TGG shop crawl. A simple curb model.


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First actual build of 2022: 2B from Nier Automata

Off to a good start this year with my first started and finished project of 2022. Granted, I ordered this kit in Nov 2020, it took over a year to fulfill, supply chain issues from covid is my best guess. Regardless; it arrived a 11 days into January and I cleared off my workbench and started laying out all the parts.

This is a good amount of resin. That base is an impressive amount of resin alone. One thing leads to another, I had the subassemblies test fit. I started drilling out and adding magnets to the subassemblies. Some of these parts will be glued together, but for the build progression, it’s nice to have a quick magnetic snap between parts. I’ve found that magnets are easier to align than pins. But some of the more load bearing areas I still use pins. The kit comes with two heads and removable clothing over her boobies. It also comes with a small bust piece to hold the extra head when it’s not in use. Pretty damn cool.


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