Welcome to 2022..finally a build post

Ok, so I actually finished this at the end of last year. My group of friends have been doing a Secret Santa gift exchange every year for a while now because we’re cheap. It is much better to spend one chunk of money on one gift to one person than try to think up crappy gifts for everyone. So, this year, I got drew one of my oldest friends – I mean, we’ve been friends since Jr High, I think we were around 13 years old or something. Lets not do any math, it’s a while. So to go even cheaper than our normal budget, I grabbed a kit out of my backlog that I originally got for her a few years back but just never gave as an unbuilt kit – and decided to build it for her. Can’t get any cheaper than this.

So being the Hello Kittyfile; this is a decent gift idea. Cracking open the box, the damn thing even comes in a Hello Kitty head frame. Wow, isn’t that cute. And now to frame it up some so that it’s not just a kit sitting on a desk that would easily get lost/crushed/discarded. My friend isn’t the most nimble or graceful person in the world. So this needs to be some what sturdy and indestructible.

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SCGMC 2021

Long ass time no post, since I haven't been building for a good long while. BUT, this past weekend was the triumphant return of SCGMC, live and in living color; albeit in crappy lighting conditions. We're working on shopping optional…

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Welcome to 2021 and my current project: 小巴

It has been a good minute since I last posted anything. I think that last time I posed up something was the end of September 2020 for the ST Tortois kit from the 80’s. Shortly after that post, the wife and I packed up Bob and Ken and headed off to Yellowstone/Grand Teton for a week.

A few days after coming home, I started showing signs of Covid-19 and 7 days in, it got full blown and I had to stay at the hospital for 4 days while they injected me with all sorts of drugs and did daily blood draws. Not fun, but I fully recovered after a few weeks. Then it was on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all back to back with nothing new. Well, right before Christmas, the wife and I went RV shopping. From my experience getting the kungflu and seeing how easily folks in Class B’s were doing in Yellowstone; we decided that we wanted one.

Apparently lots of people are thinking along this line and it is pretty difficult to get our hands on one. We were debating between the Sequence by Thor or the Travato by Winnebago. They are both built on the Ram Promaster 3500 chassis and are fairly similar with the two floor plans we narrowed our decisions on; the Winnie 59G or the Sequence 20K. We ended up picking out the Travato 59G a week before Christmas and was told that a model we wanted would arrive sometime in January. We dropped 5K as a deposit and did the fun paperwork and then just waited for a month before getting called by the dealership to go and pick it up.

More about this and tons of pictures from the last few weeks after the jump.


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End of Summer project the ST Tortoise is done!

I;ve had these 80’s Votom kits for a while and I haven’t built one ever. I’ve seen other modelers build some Votoms stuff and I like some of the styling. I just never got around to doing it. Sometime in August, I cracked open the box which was still originally tape sealed and just started. Oh how I do not miss kits from the 80’s. I’m not even sure if the glue in the box is still good. The last time I build on 80’s kit was a 1/144 Shiki that also had a small tube of glue. I think I was 10, and the kit was actually new *sigh* circa 1985 or so….I like to think that my skills have improved somewhat since, so away we go.

Complete start to finish as well as completed pictures after the jump.


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