1/00 OO Riser Group Build Progress

June 24, 2009: This is a 1/100 OO Riser that a few members of the model build gathering an I are challenging ourselves to build and see how fast we can clip, sand, seam, paint (shading), decal, and wash the sucker.

Day one started Tuesday evening, June 23, 2009. We started at about 8:30 after a quick dinner. With the exception of the chest piece that Angel started working with earlier that day, the rest of the kit was on runners. We spent the next three hours clipping, sanding, and seaming the necessary parts. Angel, Terry, Jay, and I got about 98% of the kit sanded and ready for paint.

Day two, Wednesday evening, June 24, 2009; we got to painting. Four paint stations were set up, two in the dining room, and two in the workshop room. Terry and I got started on the internals. First painting the gloss black, then finishing with alclad II steel. Angel and Jay were painting the base colors for the white and blue parts respectively. Angel was using a violet gray and Jay used a wolf blue.

Finishing the internals freed up clips for use on other parts. So the finished internals were thrown into a box lined with a paper towel. Angel and Jay continued to work on their parts. Terry finished painting two other internal parts that Angel conveninetly forgot to tell us about. I got to work on painting the base color for the red parts. Terry was originally supposed to paint the red, but I overthinned it so I took over on the red. After the two internal pieces were done, Terry went and base coated the yellow pieces with desert sand yellow. I got started on shading the red pieces with a custom salmon color I used for the Char's Zaku II. Once that was done, I shaded the yellow. Things were winding down, Angel had to leave, so Terry finished up base coating the white pieces. I started and finished shading the blue parts with a lightened cobalt blue. The compressor was switched off and everyone was gone by 11:30. We had started at about the same time as the previous night, 8:30. So it was another good three hours of work.

Next up, the white needs to be painted, yellow parts masked off and painted, and some of the seamed parts need attention as well as paint. Clear coats will go up tomorrow, which will allow for decals and other finishing touches the following days.

June 29, 2009: 5 days after the start on the kit, everything was painted, the kit was decaled, then clear coated in a gloss.

Tonight, Angel and I put the finishing wash for the panel lines. As I need to get the kit out to the vendor that commissioned use, we were unable to give the kit a final flat coat, so glossy and toylike the kit will stay. There are a few issues with the kit, but alas, we were very short on time, so we couldn't accomplish all we wanted to with our set level of standards. Here is the kit with the Riser.

The riser.

The 00 Gundam. If you get a chance, check out the Bluefin booth at Anime Expo in the next few days; this kit will be displayed there.




Update Information:

June 24 , 2009: OO Riser Group build.




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