1/100 Shin Matsunaga Kampfer

May 13, 2005 A sale over at Amazon.com prompted me to purchase 2 US version MG Kampfer kits at 15 bucks a piece, yeah I couldn't pass that up. I gave one to a friend and started working on the other. I already have a MG Kampfer that I have built and rebuilt a second time. The first job was done using spray paints in the typical Kampfer colors, and the rebuild transformed it to a "Char's" use Kampfer that I was planning on using in a dio, but that idea has since faded. Now the question is, what type of scheme should I use on this version.

After doing a couple of idea searches, I found a picture of an MG Sazabi done by Motoo Osumi. Using this as the general basis for my scheme for the Kampfer, I decided on creating a "Shin Matsunaga" use Kampfer.

I also decided to add extensive mods (more ambitious than I have done to date). So far the mods are the following:
-The antenna has been sharpened and thinned
-Back of the head is elongated
-Add small details, panel line, drill out holes, etc
-Add styrene plates
-Remove middle thruster
-Add backmounted (where the left bazooka attaches) gatling gun that drops down right above the left shoulder
-Add styrene plates
-Modify shoulder spikes to round stubs
-Add a blade to the forearms ala Baoh or Super Giant Robot feature
-Add styrene plates
-Elongate outter leg armor slightly
-Addition of back mounted over shoulder gatling gun
-Modify RX-78-NT1 rifle into a BFG
-Added flash hider to shotgun barrel
-Add hand held Zaku Shield with spikes

Other mods will be added or removed as I continue to work on the project. Currently I have built the BFG, and started work on the majority of the mods.

Using the rifle from the RX-78-NT1 MG kit, I first shorted the carry handle. Using styrene tubes I increased the barrel length. Epoxy putty was used for transitional areas from the gun to the new barrel and on the carry handle as well. Ventilation holes were drilled out for the barrel. Using plastic from the parts tree, I created an inner barrel for the gun. Using a small hand drill, I drilled out a hole for the inner barrel. The drum mag from the Gouf Custom MG sheild gatling gun was used as the magazine for the BFG. The original mag was cut in half then using a block of styrene, attached the magazine to the gun. I'm using the same ammo from the Gouf's gatling gun. I will be using a barrel from the Gouf's handmounted cannons cut in half as accents for the BFG and this should complete the mods for the weapon.

For the shield, using the spare part from Ramba Ral's Zaku I (it only came with the back end of the shoulder mounted sheild), I used sheet styrene as the front of the sheild. Putty was used to fill in the sides. Spikes from the Kampfer's shoulders will be added to the short end(top) of the shield.

The gatling gun is mounted onto the existing backpack mounting system for the bazooka. This will alow the gun to piviot up and down. A new ammo feeding port was created to fit 1/8 ammo for the MG42 weapon that I have. The other half of the gatling gun's drum mag was sealed up using the standard Zaku ammo clip for one side and the shield cover from the 1/100 Denon Zon kit. The drum mag will be mounted via the old ammo feed hole using the top part of the bazooka holder. A few spots of putty will finish up this weapon.

With the head, I was debating on whether or not to remove the antenna entirely or not. I have so far decided on sanding it down to a very thin and sharp strip. I elongated the back of the head using putty.

The forearms have added blades that are influenced from the anime Baoh and Super Robot arms. Strips of styrene were used as the blades and putty to create a bridge from the forearm to the blade. I'm still playing with the idea to elongate and sharpen the ends of the forearms to match up with the head and leg themes.

Shoulders are slighly modded with styrene and putty to cover the spike attachment holes of the left shoulder.

The legs have been slightly modded with elongated on the outer armor pieces and small styrene plates have been added. The feet have styrene plates added.

The general idea for the base is a sort of last stand guarding a gate at Solomon. The idea sprang from recently playing Project Pegasus: One year War PS2 Game where Amuro encounters Shin Matsunaga at the entrance to Solomon. For practical purposes, I will create a "forced perspective" feel for the base. The general idea is a Gate inside Solomon so this would include the gate, a sort of paved landing zone and then the rocky edges. So as to show as much of the suit as possible, the gate will be lie at about a 25-30 degree angle on the horizontal, and the short paved landing area will be at a 60-65 degree angle on the horizontal. An acrylic rod will be perpendicular from the base to the kit which will be sitting on the rod. This will help with the idea that they are in space and there is no real up or down. The gate will be comprised for a couple of sheets of styrene. The landing area will be sheet styrene with the baking soda + acrylic medium technique applied. The surrounding asteroid formation will be done with celluclay. The whole set up will be ontop a styrofoam structure.

Ok I started working on the base this past week. The pictures below should illustrate what I planned out from the above statement.

May 24, 2005: The base has been completed. I had to cut down the landing pad area because it just didn't look right. I also omitted the plastic landing pad area as well because put together, it did not look correctly. I reapplied some celluclay and repeated the process of priming and then painting. From the below pictures you can see the previous redish color of the base before I cut and added the celluclay. I decided to go with a more earthy tone for the color. After the initial coat of paint dried, I sprayed on a couple of coats of future. On top of the future I applied an enamel filter of black to darken a couple of areas. After the filter, I applied some drybrushing of sand yellow for some highlights. A coat of flat future was sprayed to seal in the previous layers. And finally a little brushing of chalk pastels finished up the landing area. The wood base is currently being stained and polyeurathaned. I should be able to put the entire mini dio together tomorrow.

Below are the pictures for the door and landing pad. I'm not sure if I'm satasfied with how the door and landing pad look when I put them into the base. I'll think on this and possibly change this.

I did alot of work in the kit since my last update. Below are pictures of the process. The first set of pictures are the first coat of paint using alclad II Steel. When this was completed, I did a mock up to see where I wanted to add the paint chipping effect

For the paint chipping effect, I used Mr Masking Sol and a toothpick and placed little dabs in areas where I wanted the paint to chip. After this was done and the masking sol dried. I went on to apply the base color layer for specific parts. The main armor parts are going to be white so I used a light blue for a pre shading effect. For the other parts, I used a gloss black.

Next was the final color layer. White was used for the main armor parts, and two shades of gray was used for the remaining armor parts. I had to paint allow the paint to dry, mask, then paint the additional areas such as the added styrene plates and the embedded trusters in the shoulder sections.

To this point I have sprayed on the first coat of future and once that dries, I can move on to the decal portion. Below are a picture of the shot gun and the gatling gun.

Another update: Finished adding decals, coat of future to seal the decals, a enamel wash for some of the panel lines and a coat of flat future. Following this I will do some minor weathering details for the weapons and the kit and then concentrate on completing the base.



Update Information:

May 25, 2005: This kit has been completed, click here for the completed page.




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