1/100 Blue Destiny 02

November 7, 2005: Back in the saddle again. Took a nice three week vacation from building. This is the Blue Destiny conversion kit from Core-Works. He's been bathing in the purple industrial cleaner bath for a little over a month. Other projects got in the way and pushed this guy back. Time to do a standard BD unit 2 paint job. The first picture is of the parts this guy uses from the MG RX-79[G]/RGM-79[G]. Just the ankle joints, the knee joint, arm frame, waist frame, and upper arm armor pieces. Seems like a wastes of an MG kit. Oh well, the kit I'm using isn't really "mine". I just have more parts to add to the pile of spare parts now. I just did a quick snap fit tonight to get a general feel for the kit. One word, big. I'm guess it's supposed to be roughly the same size as the RGM-79[G] and RX-79[G], and it is obviously a bit bigger. So the scale should be 1/100 but more closer to 1/90 or 1/87 or something. Oh well, it'll be standing alone so no biggies. More to come as I work on this sucker.

Update Information:

This kit build is currently on hold while I finish other projects.




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