Den'on Zon Progress

This is a progress page for the Den'on Zon from Gundam F-91. Below are progress pictures of the base. I started with styrofoam as the basic structure to which I added hobby scenics plastic cloth. I then finished the top section of the base with a baking soda/corn starch clay and then painted it black with light highlights which was then covered with future.

Areas on the bottom of the wood base were carved out using chisel tools to make room for the battery and switch assembly. After the carving was completed, the base was sanded, stained, and poly urethane.

Below are progress pictures of the building process for the Den'on Zon. The kit is an older kit that came out when Gundam F-91 was released. There were tons of seams to fill, and lots of sanding. I installed an led into the head using a white LED. The insides of the head was painted first with a black enamel base for which alclad II Chrome was then sprayed over. This would help reflect the light inside the head. An additional piece of styrene was cut out and placed at the bottom of the head. This piece was then sealed with putty so that there would be no light seen from below the head when the light is on.

The rest of the parts were painted with a base layer of black enamel. The main armor parts were painted with alclad prismatic paint that changes from a dark blue to a uv violet color. The chest was painted using prismatic paint that changes from red to green. Two sections on the backpack were cut out to add meshing. Other than this, the kit is pretty stock.



Update Information:

This kit has been completed. Click here to see the Den'on Zon completed.




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