1/100 Den'on Zon Completed

Below are pictures of a Den'on Zon from the F-91 Gundam movie. This was an older kit that came out when the movie was made back in the late 80's early 90's. This meant tons of seams and some unfavorable vinyl like parts. I recently came accross some prismatic paints from alclad and decided to paint this guy using those colors. I had actually started working on this guy a couple of years back, but ended up stopping for some strange reason, inspiration left me I guess. I installed an LED into the head and ran the wires down to the base where there is a switch and battery assembly.



Update Information:

This kit has been completed, click here to see the Den'on Zon progress page.

I took several pictures with varying exposure levels to show the effect that would have on how the paint colors show up. I also took some pictures without any direct background lighting to show off the lit up eyes. All in all this was a fun little project, the kit is in 1/100 scale but the size of it is comparable with HGUC 1/144 kits. Reasons for this is that the MS's later in the UC timeline were made smaller. Click the pictures for a larger image.




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