1/6 Asuka Langley Progress

September 27, 2005: Started working on an Asuka Langley kit tonight. She was swimming in some industrial strength purple goo cleaning agent for the past couple of days. I scrubbed the parts down and after drying them, pinned the parts and started on some sanding work. Here are a few pictures of her pinned and a picture next to the good ole RGM-79G for size reference.

September 28, 2005: Fun with sanding and putty. Finished up the major mold line sanding tonight. There are two spots on the head where the casting messed up and the chunks were missing from the head. The leg and left side of the body had a couple of holes that I found. I fill all these places up with gap filling CA glue. Just a little drip here and there. I glued the skirt together so when the CA glue set, I added putty to fill in the small gaps. There's a small gap between her breasts and her shirt so I used some putty and filled that area in as well. Putty was also used to make a smooth connection from the dress's straps to the top of the dress.

The next chance I get to work on her will be Friday, so I should be able to finish up the sanding, and then she's ready for primer. Then I get to look for errors and hopefully there are only a few so I can move on to painting. Oh the masking fun...

October 2, 2005: Got a few things done on Asuka this weekend. Didn't get as much as I wanted done because it was a fairly busy weekend. I sanded down all the areas where I made minor repairs. Primed all the parts, then wet sanded everything. There were a few areas that the primer brought attention to for errors, and those were fixed and the parts reprimed. Again wet sanded and then the skin and hair were painted.

October 4, 2005: A few things that I have done in the past two days. Masked off the face and body to spray white on the eyes. Masked the feet and hair for spraying red for the shoes and hair clips. The left arm was masked to paint the watch. All this was done yesterday but I wasn't able to update the page.

Tonight, I finished the work on the eyes. This is much better than my attempt with Saber. I used enamels this time over the lacquer white eyes that were clear coated with future. I penciled in the basic parts of the eyes. Then inked the black and outlines. A normal blue was used for the base color. On top of that was a sky blue, and a mix of sky blue and white for further hightlighting. The lips were painted with a mix of light red mixed from regular red and white. The shoes were done yesterday. Tonight I decided to test out some pearl powders I picked up the other day. Interesting effect to say the least. The chair was painted grey, to which I sprayed the remaning pearl powder + future floor polish mixture over so as not to waste the small amount I had mixed. The base has been stained and is in the process of being sealed with a high gloss lacquer. The next step is the dress. Getting close to finishing her.



Update Information:

October 6, 2005: Finished painting Asuka. Click here for the completed page: Asuka Completed.




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