Akuyaku #1 Progress

June 17, 2006: The one thing I love about going to IPMS shows is that I always leave with inspration to work on another diorama. Today, I saw some really well done tanks, and some really well done dioramas. Since I picked this kit up, I've always had an image sitting in the back of my mind for what I wanted to do with this kit. I even sent out the three little piggies that came with the kit out to a friend to have recasted. As you can see in the last picture, I have a full bag of little piggies. BeGO just released another version of this kit with the full crew, 20 piggies. Too bad I would only be interested in the 20 crew members. There are 5 different characters, oh well, guess I'll just have to do some cosmetic modifications to the piggies I have.

The general idea is to do a snow dio (yes, another snow dio... because I have tons of the stuff - and I also want to do a slighly different WWII germanic theme than the one Miyazaki drew. Going with a grey german scheme in the snow. The over theme of the thing will be a photograph session with a couple of piggies off doing their "own" thing. I have built 1 tank in my life, and that was about 20 or so years ago. Challenges are fun so long as I don't fall flat on my face.

July 16, 2006: Little update. Been slow in getting back to working on the kits. I think AX kinda burnt me out, with the workshop and everything. But along side of this kit, I also started working on a 1/6 Sonsaku kit. Most of the parts for the tank have been glued together and sanded. I also masked off the windows for the little con tower thingy.

Most noticable work done was for the base. The base started with my usual cut up styrofoam landscaping. Following this, I used plaster cloth and layed the stuff down over the styrofoam base. The cloth is dipped in water, then laid over the various parts of the styrofoam to create a uniform surface to apply celluclay. Once the plaster cloth is completely dried, (24 hours), the base is solid and ready for the next layer.

Celluclay is a paper mache mix that dries rock solid. The stuff is mixed with warm water, then using a putty knife, I applied the stuff over the dried plaster cloth base. Once it has been applied, I smoothed everything out with my wet hand. I then laid on marks for where the little piggies will be standing and put down some track marks. The final picture was taken after about 6 hours of dry time. The celluclay dried completely after about a full 24 hours. (This is dependant on the relative humidity - it's summer in LA... dry.. best conditions for quick drying) An additional note is that celluclay should be applied in thin layers because this stuff does shrink and will warp the styrofoam/plaster cloth base.

July 19, 2006: The tank was primed yesterday evening. The track and wheels were painted to prepare for the alclad II paint.

Today I painted the metallics onto the tracks and wheel parts. Next up was the cast iron effect using Mr Surfacer 500 and a sponge. After this cures, I'll do a light wet sanding and then I can get onto the painting process.


Update Information:

Project is currently on hold while I finish up other stuff. I kinda lost interest for a bit, but it's ready to be painted and stuff. I just need to get off my ass and get to it.




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