AC Atlas Foxeye Progress

December 21, 2007. I actually started working on this kit a week prior. I had it snapped together for a test fitting. It is a very well detailed kit and since, I have gotten to gluing and sanding parts. I hope to get more work done at the build gathering tomorrow. Below is the size comparison with the typical Bandai Master Grade.

Snapped and general profile views. While working on the thing, I accidentally spilled some solvent glue on my work area and some of the parts got soaked, so a little sand work to fix issues ended up removing a small amount of surface details *sigh*. Hopefully, nothing else goes wrong and the kit looks semi decent when I'm completed.




Update Information:

December 21, 2007: Begain work on my first AC kit. I'm still on my pearl/shiny kick so this kit will get that treatment.




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