MG Gyan Progress

August 31, 2006: I finally cracked down and opened up one of the MG Gyan's I have and snapped it together during the past weekend. Over the course of this past week, I've been working on it off and on, with the intial sanding for the internals and doing a few cosmetic mods. On a side note, I recently picked up a new camera so I'm still in the process of getting used to my new camera. (disclaimer for crappy pictures).

So having throught that I lost one of the index fingers for the kit. Rather than keep searching, I decided to cast one using the remaining index finger. The molds is made from a product called "faststeel" a steel reinforced epoxy putty that hardens very quickly. I coated the finger with vasaline and then pressed it into the faststeel putty. Once the putty hardened, I used another blob of the putty and created the other side of the mold. Once hardened, I used tamiya epoxy putty fast type and pressed the putty into the mold halves that have been lined with vasaline and then left it there overnight. I did this last night, so today, I was able to pop the recasted index finger out; sanded, and washed it and it's now ready for paint.

Finally, I did some drilling into a few select pieces for some small metal beads. The last two pictures are of the internals that are ready for painting.

September 4, 2006: Labor day weekend update. I've seen several modelers build mono eyes with a round casing around the mono eye sensor; which I think looks really nice. So using option venier parts and option clear eye parts, I built a mono eye casing:

I also modified the backpack thrusters to use mechaskunk's machined aluminum thrusters. Since the thrusters are smaller than the thruster area for the Gyan, I used another thruster from wave venier option parts as an additional thruster casing for the aluminum thruster. Here's the progress on that.

Some other modifications include lengthening the head spike, drilling small holes for metal bead fittings, and making a deeper scribe on the leg panel lines.

The following pictures are pictures of the completed internal frame:

These are some pictures of the parts painting progression:

Here's the kit painted as well as a comparion shot with Mr. G3 for which I neglected to photograph with the initial snap fit. Next up are the finishing steps: clear coat, decals, wash, final clear coat.



Update Information:

The kit is finished, click here for the completed page.




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