MG 1/100 Gundam G-3 Progress

4/17/2005: This is a progress page for the Gundam G-3. The kit used is the MG RX-78-2 One Year War version that's promoting the Project Pegasus PS2 Game. The kit is very nice in that there are alot of Perfect Grade design elements incorporated into it. The shoulders, feet, waitst, and legs have an increased posability as a result of the new design. There are also more panel lines and details than any other RX-78 Master Grade. Below are pictures of the progress. As of now, I'm waiting for the final coat of future/flat base to dry before I do the final assembly, and possibly a bit more weathering if it's necessary and then the final pictures.

Below are some snapped pictures showing some of the new design elements. As always, the YMCA pictures.

Below are the pictures of the painting process. The parts were first sprayed with mr surfacer 500, then a base layer of alclad steel was used. A technique I learend from Ako Hobby for weathering was incorporated here. Mr Masking Sol was used on top of the dried steel layer for simulation of paint chipping. On top of that the various parts received the second base coat for pre shading purposes. The final layer of paint was applied and then the masking sol was removed using masking tape. I'm fairly pleased with the results for the first time of using this technique.

Below are pictures after the first coat of future was applied. This was followed by the decal process, and then another coat of future. A wash of dark gray was used and then the final coats of future + flat base was added.

Below are pictures of the base. A square wood base was sanded down then using acrylic medium + baking soda to create a tarmac like base. This was then slighly sanded and a layer of mr surfacer 500 was sprayed. Alclad Jet Exhaust was used as the final color for the base. I printed out a template of the Pegasus insignia and sprayed on red to completed the base. A link to the completed page will be posted when I complete the kit and finish taking pictures.



Update Information:

April 18, 2005: Completed, click here for the completed pictures page.




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