1/8 Rio Progress

March 14, 2006: This kit came in not too long ago. It was the first Rio kit I wanted. The 1/5th kit came in back in December but I sorta lost interest. Too intimidating to work on such a "big" girl. Well this one is small enough so I should be able to finish this fairly quickly. Switching between a mecha kit and a figure kit....

Tonight, I drilled her and pinned her:

After pinning her together, I noticed that she wasn't able to stand up quite well. Possibly the uneven leveling of her pumps. But to avoid any problems after the build; I drilled a few holes into the botton of her shoes and placed some NiB magnets. Pulling the SD Dom off it's base, I drilled corresponding holes into the base and placed some NiB magnets there. An acrylic sheet that I will be painting will be placed between the wood base and her shoes. After gluing the magnets into place, I filled the holes with some epoxy putty. Next up is the ever fun phase of sanding.

March 16, 2006: Sanded primed, and painted the first layer of skin tone. Next will be the lighter skin tone for highlighting/shading. I'm still working out color ideas for her skirt, vest, and shoes.

March 19, 2006: Continued to paint Rio. More experimentation with another new technique. Funaka from FFoo's forums did a HGUC Zeong with some ghosted flames. So I tried the same technique to add a little flaming spade to the back of Rio's vest. I think it looks decently, albeit a bit dark.

After dull coating the skin tone, I masked off the skin and went on to paint the other parts. For the back, I painted on Jet exhaust, then masked with the inner part of the flaming spade. Spraying on Steel for the flame parts of the flaming spade, I masked the flames. After this, I sprayed on a layer of base gloss black, polished aluminum, and finally, clear red.

For the shoes, I wanted a slightly different tone to the final red, so I used Chrome after the base black, then used the same clear red as the skirt and vest. There's also a picture of the Chrome vs Polished aluminum colors.

The sleeves were painted with a layer of neutral gray, followed by super white; using the gray for pre-shading. The last picture is the completed base. Just wood, a couple of magnets, and a square plastic card painted in gloss black.


Update Information:

And a couple of days later... She's completed. Click here for the completed page.




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