SD Kampfer Progress

January 19, 2006 Ok, I was originally going to start this project several years ago but it fell by the wayside. The recent FictenFoo forum contest extention gives me about 10 days now to finish this sucker up. I have no paint scheme idea yet, but currently I have a few places where I want to add a slight amount of bulk and fill in some holes and such. I also drilled out a few thruster holes. We'll see if I can finish this in time.

January 22, 2006: Ok this weekend was kinda of a bust in terms of building time. Spent time building a grill, and finished up cleaning out my old apartment. But I got the following done. My new progress modeler for size comparison. I snapped the Kampfer together to get a look at some of the mods.

Like the last MG Kampfer I completed, I'm adding a "Zaku" shield for the left arm. The shield is part of an MG Zaku's shield that I cut down to fit the SD profile.

Next is the sanded down head with slight modifications to the chin. I have a few more pieces to sand down and I should have all pieces primed tomorrow evening.

January 23, 2006: Finished up sanding. Also added an extended barrel for the shotgun. THe last thing done was priming. Tomorrow I get some sanding to fix some problem areas that showed up from the first layer of primer.

January 24, 2006: Small update. Started painting some of the areas that will be masked off first.

January 25, 2006: A little more painting. Just painting in layers, masking, then more paint. Next step will be the main colors.

January 27, 2006: Ok I did some work yesterday but it wasn't significant enough to have an update so I combined the pictures taken yesterday and tonight's. Yesterday I painted the main colors for the body, head, feet, and arms.

Tonight, I masked off the right arm so I can paint the shoulder white. Once the white was dried, I used a mix of red pearl powders and future floor polish and sprayed that over the white shoulder. For the rest of the main body, I used a mix of micro pearl and future to create a metallic effect for the main body parts.



Update Information:

Januaru 29,2006: Ok it's finished and on time. Click here for the completed page.




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