SD Kampfer



Update Information:

January 29, 2006: Ok, it's Chinese New Year's and I have just finished taking pictures of the SD Kampfer. This isn't an example of my best work, but I used the kit as a test bed for a few painting techniques. I will definatly utilize the pearl powders over white more. I now need to experiment more with them.

Adding the micro pearl powder over the dark blue created a very easy metallic. This method is much easier than spraying a clear over chrome. The number of paint steps is reduced since I no longer need to spray layers of gloss black and chrome, then have to guage the amount of clear color to paint over the pieces. The chances of a tonal imbalance is reduced from this. The color choice for a metallic is also broadened indefinatly to the number of paint colors out there. I believe a new method of spraying gold will result from this as well, with spraying a yellow/orange mix then spraying the micro pearl.

The only problem I have with using the pearl powders over white, is the cure time. Since the medium is future floor polish, an acrylic, the cure times will be long. However, I will be looking into some Mr Color clear and then use that as the mixing meduim for the pearl powders. For more information about the build: click here.




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