1/100 B-Club Hi Nu Conversion Progress

This is a conversion kit for the MG RX 93 Nu Gundam. I've had this kit for about a year, and was originally planned for my first Nu Gundam. Alas, I redid the Nu Gundam (desert theme) and no longer have the base for which this conversion kit is intended for. Currently, I have a MG RX 93 Nu Gundam on order, and while I wait, I have started working on the resin kit itself. Being the cheap bastard I am, I found this kit and made the purchase before I realized that the price was so low for a reason. The reason: the kit is a recast. Basically, the people I purchased the kit from, made casts of the original kit and started selling the recasts. This is bootlegging, but I did not know this at the time. Recasts come with all sorts of issues that are usually not so present in original cast kits. Stuff like bubbles, fused details, missing details, cheap brittle resin, etc.

Well, the major problems I faced so far deal with bubbles and chipped sections. I puttied some and others I decided that the placement of the damage made for a decent area to showcase some battle damage. I have see lots of completed Hi Nu kits, and I have yet to see an original one. Meaning they're all painted in the traditional white and blue, and most have little to no weathering that I could see. I plan on turning this kit into a ground unit, with very few mods to the kit itself since I really like the design. Just an alteration in paint scheme, a small display diorama, and then possibly some mods, but I haven't decided on that yet. The resin parts have been sanded, puttied, and primed. There are a few parts that I need to go over and resand and then reputty, but since the MG kit isn't here yet, I have plenty of time. Here are some pictures of the current progress.

This is further progress on the Hi Nu conversion. So far, all the pieces have been painted with alcad semi gloss black base.

Got the MG Nu Gundam, so began working on putting together the frame for the Hi Nu. Here are pictures of the test fitting. Next up is final sanding and puttying of a few parts, primer and base coats for the new parts. Then finally to the final paint and completion of the base, which I have yet to start.

Ok here are som pictures of the masking and painting process. There was alot of parts that needed to be masked and remasked at different stages of painting. Hopefully this will all be worht it.

The following two pictures show all the pieces completely painted. The next step is applying pure future to the decal areas for better adhesion and the building of the base.

Below is a picture of the lower half posing on the future base. The base is built from styrofoam layers and then cloth plaster was laid on top. From here, the base was then spray painted black, then various hobby scenics were added to complete the snow scheme.

The pictures below show the pieces right before future was for decal areas. After the decals were applied, a final weathering touch up were done and a final coat of satin finish future was applied to the parts. Then after the final coat of future was applied, final assembly completed the model.

The following two pictures are of the base after adding the scenics, the only thing left is to place the model on the base, and then completion.



Update Information:

This kit has been completed on July 25, 2003, click here to go to the completed pictures page.




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