1/100 Snow Hi Nu Gundam



Update Information:

This kit is a conversion for the MG RX 93 Gundam to a Hi Nu Gundam. The conversion kit was a recast of a B-Club original. Looking through the web, I found very few Hi Nu kits done in a manner other than the atypical Hi Nu scheme. I chose the snow scheme for several reasons; first and foremost because I have so much hobby snow scenics, that I don't want going to waste, and also because I thought it would go well with complementing my Desert Nu Gundam. For more information and pictures of the building of this kit, go to the Hi Nu Conversion in progress page. Overall, I am pleased with the results. There are a few issues with the kit being too heavy, but that comes with using resin. This heaviness also restricted a more dynamic pose, since the overall weight of the kit is in the rear. Here are some pictures, enjoy.




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