1/100 MG Desert Nu Gundam

Ok this is an MG RX 93 Nu Gundam kit that I redid.  It was originally built in original colors using tamyia spray paints and the like.  Needless to say, it was a piece of crap in comparison to some of my other kits.  Since this is a relatively big kit and more expensive than other MGs I felt that it was time to redo this kit.  One of my friends also told me that I really needed to redo this kit.

I've been thinking about doing a desert theme Gundam suit.  This paint scheme was originally for the PG MKII, but I figured that redoing the Nu would be less work than starting a PG.  For this kit, I did not do too much in terms of modifications.  I added a few panels using styrene and a hand drill for making little rivet holes.  I only added a few waterside decals just for the Amuro territorial mark because this is his MS.  The paints are tamyia acrylics, desert yellow, khaki drab, and dark gray.  The V-fin was originally painted in yellow, then I realized that yellow would not match the overall theme too well, so I painted it gray.  The typical dry brushing techniques and pastels finish up the suit.  Finally I coated it with future floor wax.  It was still in the process of curing when I put the suit together, I could not wait to see what it looked like when completed.  The base is cheap particle board, stained and coated with polyurethane.  On top of that is a secondary base made with styrofoam and plaster cloth.  Desert scenics were then added.  I added a couple of palm trees just add some color to the base, it was really too plain with just sand and the suit.  I think this is my best work to date.  Click on the pictures for bigger pictures.



Update Information:

This kit was sold at Otakon 2006 and is no longer in my possession.




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