1/100 Gundam Astray Progress

This is a progress page for the Gundam Astray from the Gundam SEED MSV series. The kit is the 1/100 Astray Red Frame that I am painting similar to the Gold Frame. I don't care much for the white on gold scheme of the first Gold Frame, and I don't like the look of the Gold Frame Amatu, which has the right arm of the Blitz Gundam and a modified head. However, I do like the black on gold scheme. I did not want a complete black, so I did a custom black mix of tamyia NATO black, gun metal, and semi gloss black. The gold is alclad II as well as magnesium for the upper waist and steel for the sections of the shied, feet, and torso parts. There's still lots of work left on the guy but so far I've gotten the bulk of the painting done.

As for a base, I'm just going to have it stand on stained wood base. I still haven't completely decided on the presentation, the idea of sitting the kit on a plain wood base seems to clash a bit. I may opt for a slab of pavement for the suit to stand over instead of the plain wood base.

Below are some more progress pictures as I partially assemble some parts and continue to paint. I finished the shield and sword scabbard.

12/31/2004: New year's eve update. Worked on the head today. Then finished up the last bit of painting. After dinner, I did some sub assemblies and sprayed on future. In a few days after the future is cured, I will add some decals, give the thing a wash, and a final dull coat layer of future and flat base.

Update Information:

1/4/2005: The base has been completed. Using a clear satin clear coat and baking soda, I created a faux concrete base. After 24 hours of being left alone, I brushed off the baking soda and sanded the base smooth. I masked off the raw wood areas and painted on a base layer of Mr Surfacer 1000, then on top of this a light coat of gray enamel. Some fine sanding was done then several layers of clear gloss was applied to the raw exposed wood. I decided to leave the wood unstained to achieve a more natural look. After several coats, I sanded the second to last coat and put on a final gloss coat. The base will be useful for displaying other works as I will not be making it a static display for only the Astray. The Astray is free standing. The pose was inspired from a picture from this page. This kit has been completed and can be seen here in the completed page.




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