1/100 Gundam Astray

Update Information:

January 4, 2005: Completed the Astray Red Frame build. From the progress page you can see what I did to complete the kit. The pose is inspired by wushu stances using the sword. The posability of this kit and sword just prompted me to search out various human poses while wielding a sword and shield. Granted that a shield is not used in wushu, but I liked the shield enough that I did not want to leave it out. The original pose was a simple ready stance but I felt it was a bit too static. The base is a simple wood base that was sanded, and using a technique from the Testor's website, I created a look of pavement. No stain was used and just the natural wood for the base was coated with a clear gloss sealer. I believe the simplistic base goes well with the pose because there have been many mornings where I wake up and drive by groups of people practicing Tai Chi as their morning exercises at the near by parks. They flow through their stances on top of the open concrete spaces at these local parks. Which prompts me to use this style of base for the kit. Enjoy the pictures.




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