Ramba Ral's Zaku I Progress

November 22, 2004: Since I'm still in the middle of my PGM Sniper project; and awaiting for paint to cure and decals to arrive, I started a new project over the weekend. I have never done a Zaku I, so I figured it would be a nice quick little kit to complete while I wait to complete the PGM project. The Zaku will be built pretty much out of the box. There are a few areas where I have and will mod, but these are very minor cosmetics. Below are the pictures from when I started a couple of days ago; Friday evening, 11/12/2004.

The first picture is a test fit with the idea for the final pose I will be placing this kit. Below you can sorta see that I have a square sheet of plastic with a cross in the center marked off. Taking a look at the fifth picture of this set, you can see why it was taped off. This painted sheet of plastic will be placed on top of a stained and finished wood stand. I really enjoy creating a base for my kits these days as opposed to simply building and finishing the kit and having it stand on a shelf. Granted the ability to repose and position the kit is gone, but I've never been one to fiddle with the pose of a kit after I have completed it.

The second through third pictures are just progress pictures of the priming and painting progress. To this point, I have painted the base coat for the armor, on top of this will be an intermediate layer of white followed by a final layer of clear blue. I have yet to decide on how weathered, or if I will weather this kit. I will be using the decals that came with this kit. This will be a first in a long time that I have built a kit to the color and decal designs of model straight out of the box. Enjoy the pictures. And look for more to come.

Update: 11/24/2004 The previous days I finished the intermediate color of white over the base navy blue. Then today, I was able to paint the final clear blue. Future was applied. A wash for the panel lines, followed by decals, and a final coat of future and flate base. The base was put together as well as the kit (I'm inpatient). The following pictures are the rest of the inprogress pictures.



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The finished pictures are here.




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