MG Exia Group Build Progress

June 28, 2009: This is an MG Exia that a few members of the model build gathering and I were tasked to build to be displayed at Anime Expo 2009. We started on the night of June 25 and finished on June 28 - without instructions. The kit came in a single zip lock bag sans instructions. Which worried us because counting the runners, there was no "K" runner.

The group gathers around checking the parts and to timestamp the date we got the kit, we gave a newspaper as well as the our cell phones as proof we got the kit a month before release.

Getting to work, we pull instructions on other Exia's in hopes that we get some sort of help. They do nothing to help. So we mostly relied on our build experience and pictures of the MG Exia we found online.

The building progresses; here is the GN Drive. And the kit slowly shapes up as people finish selected appendages.

Four hours later, we get the thing snapped together. There are a few extra pieces we haven't figured where they go, but the majority of the kit is set up.

After test fitting, the kit is taken apart and placed in piles sorted by color. Fine tune sanding and skewering are next.

Parts sanded and skewered and ready for paint.

Base Coated.


The GN Drive.

Armor pieces painted.

Painting the internals. Starting with a gloss black base, then finished with Alclad II Steel.

I made the decision to skip the clear coat and we went straight to decal work.

Mr Mark softer ate through the Finisher's paints we used and so we were forced to get creative in fixing the mistakes. The problem would have been completely avoided if I had just clear coated the parts prior to applying the decals.


Decals applied.

Clear coated

Panel line wash with black enamel paint thinned with lighter fluid.

Same for the GN Drive.

And on the evening of the 28th, the kit was finished.


MG Exia Completed. Special thanks to Angel, Terry, Dan (Funaka), Mitch, Brandon (Bhop), and Jay for all the hard work; and without, this would never had been possible in completing this kit.




Update Information:

June 25 , 2009: MG Exia Group build.

June 28, 2009: Completed




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