1/100 MG Gogg Progress

This is a MG MSM 03 Gogg that I am in the process of building for the Child of Mecha mascot contest. Well, it stands a snowballs chance in hell for winning, but I thought it would be rather humerous to do anyways. The thing is rather fat and ugly, but I like it. The suit will be painted in CoM colors which are Navy Blue, Dark Gray, Light Gray, and White. I am also adding a few modifications to the suit. First is the addition of an LED for the mono eye. Looking at the suit, the back area has a ton of space for a battery and switch assembly. Since this kit is fairly new and there is not a HY2M eye kit, and it's been a while since I added an LED to a kit; I figure, what the hell? This also gives me a chance for creating a custom LED installation tutorial.

Other modifications include some extreme damage to the kit. The Gogg strikes me as a very grunt-like suit because of its bulkiness. Details for these damage effects can be seen over at the weathering III section under the tools and techs page.

The following picture is a quicly snapped together version of the suit. See what I mean by fat and ugly?

The following picture is a snap shot of some of the parts painted in base black.

The following are pictures of most of the parts painted. So far, navy blue, dark gray, and chrome have been added. More progress picts to come.

The following picture were taken after straight Future floor polish was applied. Notice the difference in the picture as compared to the picture above. All the pieces are shiney. This is the perfect enviroment for applying decals, since the surfece of the pieces are as smooth as possible allowing for the decals to adhere well.

The following are a few assembled pictures with the LED working. These pictures were taken before the above picture.

Next up are the decals for which I am currently waiting for arrival. After the decals are applied, another layer of future will be applied, then the weathering process will begin following with a final coat of future mixed with some tamyia flat base to create a more satin to flat finish.



Update Information:

This kit was sold at Otakon 2006 and is no longer in my possession.




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