Rune Masquer Siegfried Progress

June 7 2006: I actually started pinning this kit yesterday. Keeping me busy and away from the VF-0S kit that's currently curing. This kit is huge. But it is a "mecha" kit. Continuing with my "one mecha, one figure" rule I placed upon myself, this kit will be secondary to the another kit I pinned together today: Mitsuki. I will probably be working on both kits are the same time, but probably focusing on Mitsuki. Both should be fairly quick builds since the paint schemes are fairly simple and there are not much in terms of seams. This kit will require a decent amount of clean up before I can get it ready for paint. But until then, enjoy the pinned pictures.



Update Information:

This kit is on hold for the time being while I finish working on other projects.




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