1/7 Yoko From Buster Seven Progress

June 19, 2010: I picked up this kit form the May Treasure Festa event. This is a Yoko kit sculpted by Buster Seven, using Shunya Yamashita's influence on the sculpt. After finishing the Mitzuki commision, I set to do minor cleanup and pin the kit at the June build gathering.

Pinning is done with 3/32 size pins for the major joint areas such as the main torso and the legs. There are guide holes sculpted in so the pinning process is fairly simple. One side is drilled, pin inserted, the pin is cut, then the other side is drilled and the parts are mated together. Some wiggling is necessary to get the parts to fit in correctly, but when pinned right, the parts should have a snug and solid fit.

I really hate when they break hair down into two pieces like this. So the first step is to pin the two pieces together so that there is added strength between the two areas. Then the parts are glued. Next some putty and sanding should resculpt the area so that the part will look like one whole piece instead of two.

The sculptor put quite a bit of thought into the engineering of the kit. This makes for some easier painting. The small bits are pieces of the bikini strings, bows, small hair pieces, and a few other things. This will reduce the hassel when it comes time to painting and masking.

The small bikini string details put into place.

She has a head! And we're getting close to finishing the pinning session.

Pinning for the main body is complete, on to the gun next.

The gun is also engineered fairly nicely with several different pieces that come together to make up the gun, again, making for a much easier job come paint time.

The head piece is designed so that the seam lines are hidden in a natural chin line with the head bend in this pose. This allows for the head to be easily removed to add and remove her signature neck scarf.




Update Information:

June 19, 2010: Yoko from Buster Seven is pinned.




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