MG Char's Zaku II S 2.0 Progress

May 29, 2007. These two kits came in the mail today and I started snapping away at Char's tonight. Adding in aluminum thruster bells from AkoHobby, I'm debating on which thruster type to use. Soup cans or non soup cans.


This is about as far as I got tonight. Just for shits and grins I threw the Zak onto the G-3's waist and legs.

May 30, 2007: Finished snapping together Char's Zak. I left out the cables since the way they are now are perfect for the sanding and painting process. It's a huge improvement over the design of the old Zakus. I also took a quick picture of the different thrusters on the completed suit. I'm going to stick with the non soup can thrusters for this kit.

Started snapping the Zaku J. Since the backpack is different for the kit and it utilizes smaller thrusters, the soup can thrusters work well here. The non soup can thrusters don't fit very well for the J's backpack.

May 31, 2007. Finished snapping the Zaku J together and decided to have a little fun with the mobility of the kits.

November 12, 2007: Since the Zaku J eventually became this kit: Zaku II Ver. No Paint; this build page will now focus on the Char's Zaku. The build gathering this past weekend saw a good amount of work for the pink Zeek. Prior to the build gathering, I recieved some aftermarket parts which I just couldn't help but break them out and add them. First was the mono eye mod I quickly threw together for a small tutorial. Next was the modification to the "mouth" of the zak's head. I sanded off the detail and replace it with a mesh screen.

At the build gathering, I spent most of the time drill small holes for bead accents. The holes were drilled at selected detail spots on the kit so not much work in measureing was needed. I used a pin vise to do the drill work as anything else such as a dremel or power drill would be overkill for such delicate work. The beads will be taken out for the sanding process and will be glued into place once the kit has been completely painted.

The last few bits of detail were the backpack and the zak's left shoulder.

November 28, 2007: Got back into the groove of working on the kit this week since I'm waiting for some paint for the Habaneros. I sanded down the antenna and then added a little tutorial for it here: Antenna Tutorial Below are the results.

Next I finished sanding the exterior armor and primed all the parts. Once all the parts were primed, I wet sanded the surface to get the smoothest surface for the painting session.

Sticking with the Char theme, I based coated most of the exterior armor pieces in an orange red color.

The feet and gray parts were painted with Mr Color Metal Black. The dark red parts were then painted with Mr Color Russet. I decided to keep the metallic property of the spikes so I painted them using clear red.

I made a custom mix of finisher's paints for the rather pinkish salamon Char color which I then lightly preshaded.

The backpack was preshaded with bright red and at this point the exterior armor pieces are almost done.

December 1, 2007: After getting the intial shading colors onto the kit, I was able to move on to masking. However, when testing the paint adhesion, I realized that there were several spots all just about all the pieces where paint chipped off with the masking tape. The problem is most likely due to the fact that this kit was snapped back in May, and from that time until I started working on the kit, it had been handled by severl people including myself. The forethought to wash the kit after I sanded the kit was completely lost to me, so my initial priming session was for not. This past Thursday night was spent stripping all the paint and primer, effectively undoing all the work from the previous two nights.

After stripping all the paint and repainting, I was able to get back to the masking process that I would have been doing Thursday night. About 6 or so hours of masking, I got all the parts masked and ready for the second color tones.

The first clear coat was sprayed onto the part around 12 AM Friday night, effectively missing the MMC deadline. Below is the current status for the kit. I only need to apply the decals, apply another clear coat, a panel line wash, and the final clear coat to complete the kit.

December 4, 2007: Mini update; decals are done. I did use some of the dry transfers as the waterslides I had didn't quite have all the Char markings I wanted to use. They've improved since I last used them 3 or so years ago. I still don't care too much for them as I feel that they're overly delicate and once you place them, it is a one shot deal. With waterslides, at the very least you can still repositioning it while it is still wet. I'll let the decal setting solution cure overnight then hopefully I can get up early enough to spray on a clear gloss. Which will put me in good position to do the panel lines and final flat coat tomorrow night.




Update Information:

May 31, 2007: Began working on the new MG Zaku II ver 2.0 kits.

November 12, 2007: Restarted work on Char's Zaku II kit with aftermarket parts and detail metallic crimping beads from Michael's Crafts stores.

The kit has been completed. Click here for the completed page.




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