Unpainted Zaku II ver 2.0

August 31, 2007: I actually finished the sucker a few days ago, but since I had guests and was dealing with the IPMS Nationals, I was not able to post up completed pictures of the project. The kit was not painted by the conventional means for painting a kit. Using the molded color of the kit, I applied some texturing effects with solvent glue and a toothbrush, clear coats, decals, and standard weathering practices, as well as a few areas of battle damage done with the hobby knife and dremel. I wanted to experiment with the very well engineered Master Grade kit and see if given the limitations of fixing seams and painting, if I could pass the kit off as a decently completed kit. Aside from the measels that was a failed attempt at paint chipping, the kit turned out decently. I can always go back and fix the sickness, but I wanted to have this finished in time for the MMC Snappers contest.




Update Information:

August 31, 2007: I finished this project a week and a half ago and it was on display at the IPMS Nationals. I thought it rather humerous to put an "unpainted" kit into the contest as a viable entry. Granted I didn't get to hear what the judges thoughts were on the presentation; but it was a fun experience regardless.

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