1/6 Cerberus Project Dark Elf Progress

September 13, 2006: The Cerberus Project Dark Elf that I won off Yahoo Japan came in today, so I just had to break her out of the neatly organized packaging and pin her. Excellent casting quality, and perfect fitting. Simply amazing. This is my first Cerberus Project original. The Saber Ataraxia ver 2 also from Cerberus Project came today as well. Looking forward to completing her too sometime in the future. But on to the Dark Elf.

For the cape, I decided to use some very small NiB magnets such that the cape can be removed and reattached easily. I drilled out a hole the size of the magnets, used some epoxy glue, and placed the magnets into place.

The sword/spear thingy was a little warped - so a little softening in some very hot water and playing around with it a bit straightened things out.

And in no time, she was pinned. Tomorrow night I will get down to sanding down the few seams and general clean up. Mr G3 is a happy guy to pose next to well endowed women once again.

The unfortunate casuality is that the Kampfer I started working on Sunday will now have to sit in the wings while I work on the Drow...

September 17, 2006: Late Saturday/early Sunday update. Over the past couple of day, I did the initial priming with Mr Resin primer. Then went over and fixed all the little seams, tiny holes, and sanding mistakes that always shows up on the first priming session. Then reprimed using Mr Surfacer 1200. After this I went over the surface quickly with a light wet sanding session using 6000 grit sand paper to smooth out any rough spots from the last prime session.

Base layer of paint, using the darkest color mixture.

Next up I sprayed on a lighter tone followed by an even lighter highlight tone. Then blended everything together.

I applied a little tattoo, and then sprayed on a mixture of future floor polish with some pearl powders to create a silvery sheen. This sheen will be greatly diminished when I spray on a flat coat - which will be a week from now since I need to let the future cure before spraying on the lacquer based flat coat. Don't want a goopy mess with uncured future being eaten away by the lacquer flat coat.

September 18, 2006: Daily update, sorta. Yesterday I painted on the main clothing colors. Mixing a dark purple, I used a shading method of laying down the paint darker first in areas where a natural shadow would form, then using the same color paint, I sprayed light layers blending in the darker tones with lighter tones.

Base coat for the swords was painted with finisher's pure black. I'll be masking this and painting on some highlight metallics. I couldn't resist the temptation to spray on some lacquer flat coat over the skin. So this will serve as a nice lesson if the previous future layer cracks.... I really hope it doesn't, but having pictorial proof for future tutorials will support my inane ramblings for allowing future to properly cure before spraying other stuff on top. The hair was painted using a gray base, then finisher's pure white. After blending, I sprayed on a light mist of silver pearl powders.

Tonight I spent most of the evening masking one of the bracer/arm guard pieces. After masking, I sprayed on a light coat of Finisher's warm gold. I still have some touching up for this part. I'm also planning on clear coating this and then applying a silver wash to accent the detail lines.

September 19, 2006: Continuing with the mask and paint one piece per evening, I masked off the other bracer/arm guard, painted the part, then clear coated the two parts. These should be clearer pictures.

September 20, 2006: Holy hell masking the main body too ALL NIGHT. Physically and mentally exhausting. I have a bit of touching up that needs to be done. But at least I got another piece done...

September 21, 2006: Ok time for the daily update. The arm and hand details were entirely too small for me to mask and not go insane. So, I went and just hand painted them using the finisher's lacquer. The stuff hand paints quite well, so long as I keep reconstituting the paint in the paint tin with lacquer thinner. A clear coat should even out everything. I clear coated the main torso and then removed the mask. As luck would have it, no skin tone got peeled off.

September 24, 2006: Weekend update. Didn't get as much done as I thought I would. Busy weekend. But the eyes were masked around to paint the white. The choker was painted.

The gold detailing was painted on the legs. I'm still debating on if I should dry brush some silver on some of the armor pieces. Legs, arms, and hands were clear coated.

Still got the cape to finish, the sword and the eyes. But here's what she looks like so far.

September 25, 2006: Pretty productive evening tonight. Finished touching up and clear coating the cape, finished drybrushing the leg details, and finished painting the face details. Still need to let the eyes cure and then I can apply a gloss clear coat to get some depth. Sword and base are next on the to do list.

Update Information:

September 27, 2006: I finisher her today: Click here for the completed page.




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