1/7 Asuka Cosplaying Yoko Progress

August 23, 2008: This kit came in the mail today. This was sold at WF 2008 at the beginning of the month in Japan. When I saw the kit, I knew I just had to grab it, it is Asuka Langley from Evangelion cosplaying as Yoko from Gurren Lagann. I took some picture of the pinning process. For most of these kits, the sculptors put in guide holes for pins in the kits so this makes the pinning process fairly easy.

And in no time, I had Asuka pinned.

In the size comparison, you should notice that she's almost the same size as Mr G3 Keroro, I believe she's a 1/7 scale figure, but looks to be closer to 1/8.




Update Information:

August 23, 2008: Progress page for Asuka cosplaying Yoko kit from Cherry Blossom.




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