HGUC RX-121 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel] Progress

October 10, 2005: The HGUC Hazel Kai arrived in the mail Monday October 10. I snap fit it and tested out the base I had started two days before the kit's arrival. The basic premis is a surfing Hazel ala Bawoo's Surfing bunny as well as the influences from the anime Eureka 7, where the mech's basically surf the air. I'm going to try to complete this kit in a week, or at least by October 15. OrangeCon is on the 16th, so I'm hoping to finish this kit in time for the event. Got about 85% of the kit completely sanded and ready for primer.

October 11, 2005: Finished up the sanding for the areas where seams were glued as well as small parts that I didn't finish sanding last night. Primed all the parts with Mr Surfacer 1000. Painted the "non-white" parts black and then chromed ontop of that. The white parts were painted in character blue for the pre shade color, then character white. Tomorrow will see the clears over the chrome for the "non-white" parts, painting of the joints, thrusters, and gun. I will hopefully get some masking done on the white parts.

October 13, 2005: Finished up the painting. And layered on the first coat of future. I'm using micro pearl powders mixed with future for the white parts. The three pictures below are a comparison shot of the thighs for the Hazel. The one on the left has been coated with the pearl coat whilst the one on the right has not. It's a little difficult to see under my workbench lighting. But it's easier to see in person. Hopefully when I finish the project, my photo lighting will present it better.

The below pictures are just shots while I was painting.

And finally, some test shots of the kit put together. I'll get some decals on him tomorrow, another coat of future, the panel lines, and then the final coat of future. I'm debating if I should keep him glossy, or go with a semi gloss/matt finish.

October 15, 2005: 4:00 AM. Finished spraying on the last coat of future. I went with a mix of different pearl powders with the future for the final coat. Prior to that, I added the decals, another coat of future, and the wash. I'll let everything settle until I wake up later on today to do the final assembly and take final pictures.



Update Information:

October 15, 2005: Everything cured and I took final pictures. Click here for the completed page.




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