PG Astray Group Build Project

April 25, 2009: PG Astray Group Build Project.

The Team:

The Goal: Finish the project by AX which is the beginning of July.

During the build gathering, three of the 11 did not make the gathering, but the rest of us picked out our parts and started to get down to test fitting and sanding. For me and a few others, we just worked on sanding and only assembled the most atomic of parts.

The rough plan following the work done at the gathering is to have the parts primed and ready for paint. For those with paints, the internals will be done in Alclad Steel using a gloss black base, so priming isn't necessarly needed. I plan on detailing the internals as much as possible using various metallic shades such as alclad burnt metal, alclad stainless steel, finisher's titanium, etc. These will be done on the dark red parts of the PG kit.

The lighter red pieces will be base coated with a black gloss, followed by alclad aluminum. A kandy coat of tamiya acrylic red will then go over the parts to create the kandy effect. The white parts will be painted using Mr Color Gray 337: Grayish Blue FS35237 pre shaded over a black base coat.

Here are pictures of the box as it progressed through the night.

After a day of sanding, the torso pieces are ready for some paint.

Progress on my part started with soaking and running the parts through an ultrasonic cleaner, then dried.

The parts are skewered and ready for paint.

Primed with gloss black.

Alclad steel sprayed, finisher's shields silver, and gaia gun metal sprayed.

Testing out the grays. There is a bluish tint othe Mr Color #337; but the darker Mr Color 305 works well for the dark gray.

Mr Color clear paints are sprayed over the shields grey to decide which color to use for the "red" frame parts.

We held a mini gathering to get some work on the kit and vote on a final color choice. The battle came down to the clear orange vs the clear red; with the clear red winning out.

Continued work on my section. I worked on detailing the internals. Most of the details done are probably not gonna be seen, but since I'm only working on a section of the kit, I figured I could spend the time painting in a few details. At least I'll have some pictures to prove it.




Update Information:

April 25, 2009: PG Astray Group Build.




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