1/6 Villeta Nu Progress

August 23, 2008: This kit came in the mail today. This was sold at WF 2008 at the beginning of the month in Japan. I haven't come accross a Villeta kit that I liked yet, and this is pretty close. On the AB=Flug sculptor's page, they show her with a sweater, guess they sold two versions; as I was hoping that the one kit would come with both version, oh well, not going to complain.

The flash on this kit is a bit excessive, to the point where I needed to use a small saw to remove most of the flash to avoid breaking chunks of the resin off while using nippers.

This Villeta kit is a fairly simple one, so pinnined was fairly quick.

It wasn't until I was close to finishing the pinning session that I noticed something on the kit. Ab=Flug does a good number of nude kits, but this is my first kit from them. With all other kits, the nudity in the crotch is usually just a camel toe, not here. We have a full on little man in the boat...

She did come with a bikini bottom and a bikini top to cover the naughty bits, but I need to make a choice as to which version to build, I've yet to build a full nude kit, so I'm leaning towards that. Plus I'm kinda curious about painting the naughty areas....




Update Information:

August 23, 2008: Progress page for Villeta Nu from Code Geass sculpted by the circle Ab=Flug.




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