Busy weekend. Friday night, I assembled the sub parts for the Tekkaman Evil commission kit and took pictures of the completed kit. I experimented with my photography, using a diffuser for my flash; so some of the pictures may look a little different form my past photos. Before the build gathering, I went down to my local AutoZone where I had ordered a K&N Cold Air/Short Ram intake kit, and then installed it to my tC. Folks started showing up to the build gathering as I finished up the install. The build gathering was fairly successful, we ended up going out to El Farolito for dinner. We had about 16 people at the gathering. My free time during the gathering went to working on the Kanu kit and with the masking work completed, I should be able to finish the kit this week. Sean F brought a couple of cds with pictures from OrangeCon 2008, and I have those pictures uploaded to the website. Here are a few sample pictures from the weekend, more pictures and details about the weekend after the jump.

tekkaman_evil_com 071_jpg.jpg k_n_intake_install 003_jpg.jpg mgb17 067_jpg.jpg mgb17 071_jpg.jpg

The Tekkaman Evil was assembled and I took some quick pictures. The customer came by during the build and picked up the kit. He also dropped off a Tekkaman Blade kit that he wants me to build next. So once I finish Kanu, I may get started on it as well as working on some of my projects still in the wings.

tekkaman_evil_com 089_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 074_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 077_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 078_jpg.jpg

Click here for more pictures.

Friday afternoon, I called up Autozone and placed an order for a K&N Cold Air/Short Ram Intake system for my tC. I get a call Saturday morning telling me that the part has come in so I head down there and pick it up. After letting my engine cool down a bit, I popped the hood and removed the old intake hose and air filter housing. It is a very straight forward install, and took about an hour to complete the install. Here are a few pictures of the process.

k_n_intake_install 006_jpg.jpg k_n_intake_install 014_jpg.jpg

Below is a video after I finished installing the intake. You can hear the intake sucking air as I rev the engine. I love the sound of the car when I drive now. I don’t really notice much of a difference in power, but the low grumble is a nice little added feature.

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For the rest of the installation picture, click here.

While I was finishing up the install, Travis and Chris show up, followed shortly by Brandon. Gtetra suggest we start documenting our progress at the gatherings, so I set up a photo booth. A couple of folks bring their kits and we take some quick shots. At least we can how have something to show for on these builds. Angel and Scott brought completed kits that we also took a few pictures. A lesson learned, I shouldn’t use a white background for the pictures. I’ll need to use a darker background – which should cut down on the appearance of shadows.

We had about 16 people total. Some showed up late, others had to come early, leave, then return; and then there were a few others that just came to hang out and play rockband. A good time was had by all. Sean brought over an interesting copic marker airbrush system. Which uses the copic markers as the airbrush “paint” It was interesting, but I couldn’t get used to using the system. The paint booth got normal usage.

mgb17 061_jpg.jpg mgb17 052_jpg.jpg mgb17 046_jpg.jpg mgb17 034_jpg.jpg

mgb17 018_jpg.jpg mgb17 002_jpg.jpg mgb17 074_jpg.jpg mgb17 015_jpg.jpg

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More pictures from the build is here, along with bigger versions of these short rock band clips; click here.

And finally, taking a few pictures from the model build gathering work on the Kanu kit, I getting much closer to finishing the damn thing. I still have to lightly sand smooth the surface to prepare the part for the decals that came with the kit. I hope to finish the kit this week.

mgb17 071_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 285_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 291_jpg.jpg

More pictures of the Kanu progress are here.

And on a not so pleasant note, I must address an small incident that happened. To preface all this, I have airsoft guns in my workshop. Now typically, when I go to someone’s house, and I see weapons – regardless of real or replica; I tend not to touch them. Or if I was interested, I would ask the host about the items, and possibly inquire about handling the items. I generally do not go to someone’s house and just pick through their “toys” without any sort of permission. Personally, I’ve always treated airsoft guns as I would a real weapon, at least some sort of heighten level of awareness. I wouldn’t point it at people unless they are protected and expect to have airsoft guns pointed at them. With that said, the following scenario happened. A small group of people were in the workshop, about 5 or so people. There are people’s kits sitting on skewers in wood blocks in the room because some priming/painting was done. Regardless, there are people in the room just hanging out. I hear a loud pop which can only be the discharge of one of my airsoft guns and I turn to look at the origin of the noise. No surprise. Fucking Chis has once again done something utterly retarded.

The dumbass is holding the goddamn gun. I immediately react. First of all, my airsoft guns are loaded. HOWEVER, they are not cocked; this is for my own goddamn safety. So douchbag cocks it and fires the fucking thing in my workshop room. With several people, with no eye protection, and other people’s kits. The velocity of the bb’s coming out of the airsoft weapons is strong enough to break skin, or at least welt one up really good at a distance. When asked why he’s handling it, he says that “someone handed it to him” WTF. Really? Who the fuck would do that? Regardless, who the fuck would innocently just grab the weapon and handle it? There is a certain level of intelligence and respect that I expect from folks that I invite over to my house. Having done these gatherings for over a year now, I have yet to run into a single problem, or have yet to run into someone picking up one of my airsoft guns without my prior permission. There are folks that have handled my airsoft weapons and know what they are doing.

Had the weapon been real, the night would have ended with a drive to the hospital and a rather odd explanation to parents, the police, and possible neighbors. This would have definitely ended any future build gatherings. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. I’m glad I have mellowed out considerably, otherwise, I would have just utterly tore into Chris for his stupidity. This is not just one of those, one off incidents, an accident so to speak. For anytime something idiotic happens at the build gatherings, and Chris is present, 95% of the time, he is to blame. I don’t like singling people out, but holy fuck, this is an utter violation of the most basic of common sense when it comes to safety. This my friends, is future candidate for a Darwin Award; and hopefully if and when it does happen, this will be miles away from me and those I care about.

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