Saturday was the 29th model build gathering. We made beef koobideh for the grill, and with rice, humus, and flat bread, we had a fairly successful Persian dinner. I got the pastel weathering done at the build gathering and the main sniper kit is completed. I still need to finish working on the weapons and the kit will be done. Duke’s getting bigger, he’s almost as long as Hugo now and but of the three dogs, still the shortest.

From the previous week, the kit was flat coated after the fade process dried and cured. Once done, the parts will be ready for pastel weathering. Pastels will not stick to a glossy surface so a flat coated surface is absolutely necessary for pastels to work.

Work continues on the weapons. A small amount of detail is added to the rear skirt mounted SMG with a magnet in the middle of the detail piece. The rest of the weapons are in different areas of build and paint. Another week or so of work and the weapons should be finished as well.

After weathering the kit with pastels a final flat coat is sprayed over the kit parts and finally assembled. I’m still debating on if I want to weather the beam sabers hilts or not, as those are parts I would think are fairly replaceable so having them not as weathered as the rest of the kit helps show that line of thought. However, most folks will probably just see it as forgetting to weather them. Decisions decisions. Well, I’ll post up a question of if they should be weathered or not on the forums and hopefully a discussion should help me decide.

Pictures from the build gathering; we had a good number of new folks show up to the build gathering. Some folks that have been on the forums for a long time, and others that I have met here and there through the years of model building.

Pictures from making koobideh.

The night continued with a decent amount of drinking and rockband, more pictures

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