Sniper nearing completion and Model Build Gathering 29

Saturday was the 29th model build gathering. We made beef koobideh for the grill, and with rice, humus, and flat bread, we had a fairly successful Persian dinner. I got the pastel weathering done at the build gathering and the main sniper kit is completed. I still need to finish working on the weapons and the kit will be done. Duke’s getting bigger, he’s almost as long as Hugo now and but of the three dogs, still the shortest.


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GM Sniper work continues and a Gaplant

Work continues on the Sniper Custom. The tedious task of building one of the rails for the RIS and drilling out the vent holes for the floating barrel system took up most of the time. Other work included adding the stock to the rifle as well as configuring the barrel. Gtetra has been over at the house working on his gaplant, and he’s getting close to closing the chapter on this project that he started several years ago.


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And the lack there of. In the past two weeks, I’ve been having some motivational problems. Even though I believe I know what the cause is, I still cannot seem to push myself enough. Kanu’s been in limbo for quite some time now. I was able to get most of the Nu’s done, and still got a small amount of work on Kanu after finishing the Nus, but productivity and motivation is at an all time low. At the last gathering on the 14th, I managed to get most of the torso of AkoCreation’s GM Sniper Custom Conversion snapped. More pictures and story after the jump.



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