And the lack there of. In the past two weeks, I’ve been having some motivational problems. Even though I believe I know what the cause is, I still cannot seem to push myself enough. Kanu’s been in limbo for quite some time now. I was able to get most of the Nu’s done, and still got a small amount of work on Kanu after finishing the Nus, but productivity and motivation is at an all time low. At the last gathering on the 14th, I managed to get most of the torso of AkoCreation’s GM Sniper Custom Conversion snapped. More pictures and story after the jump.


Granted it was a decent amount of work, but I had people over so it was fairly easy to force myself to get some work in. And once that build gathering ended, I didn’t return to the kit until this past Saturday when a friend came over to hang out and build for a bit. I got the legs done and ended up spending the rest of the night on rock band. And here are some more pictures taken this past Saturday.

sniper_conversion%20002_jpg.jpg sniper_conversion%20004_jpg.jpg sniper_conversion%20005_jpg.jpg

Click here for more pictures and the conversion kit progress page.

I’m in a complete slump. I’m glad that I was able to at least finish the Nu. I should have enough material from my Kanu build and my recent Yoko build to use for redoing the workshop presentation materials. Right now, I’ve been spending my evenings hanging out more with my roommate and going out more. I’ve known my roommate for over 20 years now, so she probably knows me better that I do; so hanging out with her has been fairly therapeutic. I can muster up some motivation when there are folks around to build with; such as for the build gatherings, but sitting here alone, I can barely pick up the hobby knife. There is nothing but emptiness right now. Feelings suck, feeling this sucks ass. But I guess this is all part of life, without such pain and suffering, one never really can appreciate true love and happiness.

There’s not much left on Kanu before I can get down and dirty with painting, but my mind is preoccupied. On the bright side of things, I hope to have a new version of the workshop materials completed by the end of the week and I hope to put it up on bit torrent. It should be completely new, with the exception of some pictures that don’t need any sort of updating. Tons of videos and hopefully I get a better flow for the instruction. I’d like to have the power point presentation completed by the end of the week, but that will depend how busy I get this week. I at least hope to have the thing up before AX, so that I can post up the link on my site and in the DVDs that I will burn for the con.

Note to self, rebuild laptop this week.

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  1. gundamjehutykai

    Man, I know how you feel!

    I’m going through a bit of a melancholic stage myself. Ignis hasn’t really gone through as much progress as I was planning, although at least she hasn’t ground to a halt…

    Unfortunately, I don’t know the cause of my current status. I’m just lacking drive at the moment. Hopefully, it’s just a lull for the both of us.

  2. Chaosdoc

    Sorry to hear the slump is hitting everyone else too. Yeah things are slow in my workshop as well , except for work which is in overdrive, but how can i really complain about that :). Ill see you soon, maybe i can get down to you for a build session on the down low , some booze , and maybe even a bar or something. Give me a call .


  3. Akuma

    I dunno, I’m actually working on stuff after a few years of having no space for it XD

    :3 Do ya’ll remember me?

  4. GameraBaenre

    Wow girl from the good old CoM days; from before it went tits up too! You have plenty of catching up to do.

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