8 Years later, the Hi Nu Conversion kit from Vicious Project is DONE!

Last time I posted an update, it was for the damn V-fin that broke a few times. So with that, we go back a few days before the break as I was continued to paint the kit in parts. The upper torso was done so I took the painted parts and did a quick assembly. I’m liking this paint progress because I’m not getting burnt out with masking a ton of parts and I’m getting decent visual cookies that keep me chugging along.

The upper torso done, time to get on with the legs and feet.


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SD CC, Gouf Custom, and OC Fair

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con. I had never gone to Comic Con and didn’t plan on attending, but one of vendors I know said they could give me a pass to check out the event. Having finished the Musha MkII for the vendor and being off on Friday, I decided to drive down there, deliver the kit and check out the show. I started up on a Gouf 2.0 Gouf Custom conversion kit on Saturday, and later that evening, a group of friends and I went out to the Orange County Fair.


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GM Sniper: Primed

I rarely have time over the weekend to just sit down and build for a day, so work on any kit is usually nonexistent save for a few moments before I crash out. This past weekend was no exception. The updates so far start from last week, and the past few week nights of work. Since i want the kit finished as soon as possible, I skipped out on the purple power soak and opted for a paper towel and some Mr Color Thinner and wiped all the parts. I plan on doing some extensive masking so hopefully the thinner wipe is enough to degrease the parts.

On skewers and ready for primer, all the parts were primed, and left to cure for a day. Hopefully I won’t get any paint lifts when get into painting and masking. I’ll probably take some masking tape and do some cursory tests.


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Work begins for the GM Sniper Custom

I actually started clipping and snapping this kit and the conversion kit from akocreation June of last year at one of the model build gatherings. And since then, I’ve had it boxed and just waiting for the proper inspiration to hit before I set off to work on it. After OrangeCon, and seeing John’s Spartan Sniper, I’ve gotten the boost in inspiration that I needed to get going on the kit. Granted I’m taking elements from my previous attempts at building GM Snipers; and hopefully this will work out. I’ve got some ideas on the paint scheme and this is something I’ve yet to try, so again, more experimentation. This could all go horribly wrong; but hell, it’s just plastic and paint, right? So here are a few snaps of the kit from last year after I snapped it together.


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