I rarely have time over the weekend to just sit down and build for a day, so work on any kit is usually nonexistent save for a few moments before I crash out. This past weekend was no exception. The updates so far start from last week, and the past few week nights of work. Since i want the kit finished as soon as possible, I skipped out on the purple power soak and opted for a paper towel and some Mr Color Thinner and wiped all the parts. I plan on doing some extensive masking so hopefully the thinner wipe is enough to degrease the parts.

On skewers and ready for primer, all the parts were primed, and left to cure for a day. Hopefully I won’t get any paint lifts when get into painting and masking. I’ll probably take some masking tape and do some cursory tests.

Seam work for the lower leg area. The conversion kit’s plastic is really nice stuff. It is softer than bandai’s plastic, and welds together much nicer and easier than bandai plastic. I don’t have to apply as much pressure as I would with normal bandai plastic, and the bond seems stronger. The plastic is very similar to that of hasegawa kits. Very nice stuff to work with. After seaming and sanding, a primer session is necessary to check the seam.

All the parts were primed. Tonight I plan on laying down the first layer of paints. I have a roughly thought out plan of attack for the paint, but I’m still debating on how I’ll approach a few of the pieces.

Work continues on the rifle. From last we left you, the rifle was looking a bit unbalanced with the skinny barrel and thicker main gun part, so the sense that things were just slapped together is much more apparent. I cut off the fore grip section of the sniper rifle that came with the kit and glued it onto the barrel and front of the main weapon body. Hopefully, this balances out the gun some what with a better transition from the main body to the barrel. I’m casting the rails and have one done, two more to go. The sight piece for the original main section of the weapon was also removed. I’m still working on adding bits of detail to the weapon and will still need to glue on the weapon’s scope system. But I’m still debating on how I want that configured. I think that once I prime the kit, it’ll be easier to tell how well the bashing went for the weapon.

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