I actually started clipping and snapping this kit and the conversion kit from akocreation June of last year at one of the model build gatherings. And since then, I’ve had it boxed and just waiting for the proper inspiration to hit before I set off to work on it. After OrangeCon, and seeing John’s Spartan Sniper, I’ve gotten the boost in inspiration that I needed to get going on the kit. Granted I’m taking elements from my previous attempts at building GM Snipers; and hopefully this will work out. I’ve got some ideas on the paint scheme and this is something I’ve yet to try, so again, more experimentation. This could all go horribly wrong; but hell, it’s just plastic and paint, right? So here are a few snaps of the kit from last year after I snapped it together.

I’m fiddling with a few modifications. First off, starting with an resin ore kit I picked up from http://levelef.egloos.com/, I’m going to create, *gasp*, a sniper rifle. Yes, I know that I have a certain style that I like, but hell, I’m still new at this scratch building and modification thing so I need to practice on what I kinda know and just get better at it. Plus, build what you like, and I sure as hell like sniper rifles.

A little difference here, I used some wire and socked a fiberglass weave tube over it and attached it to one end of a scope taken from an old Gelgoog rifle. For the head, I drilled out a little hole, popped in a magnet, and covered it with a detail part. I figure the scope optics can be wired into the GM’s head. Yes, the reality of it all is kinda lacking, but then again, it’s a sniper mech, let alone mech… I’m taking creative license.

Next up, I decided to graft the shoulder armor of a Zaku II onto the left shoulder of the sniper. I was debating on using spikes or covering the thing up, and decided to cover it. I think it fits the kit in a red shoulder Votoms kind of way.

Say what you want, I don’t care, I think it looks damn cool :D

A shot gun, every sniper needs a quick mid to short range weapon. Taking an old Kampfer shotgun from my parts box, and finding a few other greeblies, the right calf area is modified to have a hard point for a holster attachment. I’m not satisfied with the current holster and will be making some changes. But for now, the sniper’s got a shotty.

A quick mock up of the work over the past couple of days. I’m going for a standard inner barrel and a fluted floating ris system. I’m also adding a really long silencer. Yes, I understand the retardedness of giving a giant robot a silencer, but it’ll look cool; And that’s what this is all about. I’m also extending out the back of the rifle to make a stock. The ammo clip has been cut as snipers only have a few rounds; plus it lowers the profile of the rifle and I think that make it look better.

I always end up with very crooked holes that are spaced out oddly. Well, this cannot be helped as all this is hand drilled, but I can try to minimize the effect the best I can. And I’m using tape as guides. Hopefully this will come out half way decent.

Now if I can keep up this pace, I hope to have this sucker completed in a few weeks for the next local IPMS contest the first weekend of November.

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