Model build gathering and a gunpla fort. This past weekend was the monthly model build gathering. And for those lucky to show up early enough, they got first pick through a literal wall of gunpla – roughly 200 or so kits. They were all mostly built – snapped and some painted, but hell, free kits are free kits, anything can be taken apart and rebuilt.

We begin with an explanation of the gunpla fort that Hugo has so lovingly claimed as his new fortress of solitude, or in actuality, he was dumb enough to get trapped in there by the lot of us.

Earlier in the week, I was emailed from a guy that said he met met at AX a few years ago while I first started doing the model building workshops. He was a staffer in the room and was an avid gunpla builder. He’s planning on moving soon and wanted to give his collection of built kits to someone that would appreciate the kits or potentially breath some new life. So on Friday afternoon, he arrived and off loaded stacks of kits. I stacked them up so as to take a few pictures.

This was the standard model build gathering; folks started showing up around 2 or so, and we got to building. We had some new folks join the gathering, and a few of them left early. Brian (babychu) makes his triumphant return to the gathering after a 4 month hiatus from the hobby. Good to see him back. Now we can return to working on the PG Astray that we sorta shelved for the past few months.

Dave still plugging away at his figure.

Christiana working on minis.

Manuel is working on what I believe is his zero resin figure kit as well as having parts of his Astrea that he’s about 95% complete with, he has some paint touch ups and it should be ready for OrangeCon.

Since Brian’s back, we now have the waist piece for the PG Astray so Dan went and completed the decals for his part of the Astray’s leg. The parts are all in my workshop so Angel can come and grab them for reference to do his decaling.

Scott’s working on his amalagation of a 00 kit bash and is tickled with all the kits he was able to snag from the gunpla fort.

Sean hands over the PG Astray’s head completed. We still need to decal it, but that’s not a big deal. He’s got a tie fighter he’s working on and of course, his ships.

Welcome to Corgi Land

Hugo sneaks into pictures I was taking of the hauls that folks were grabbing from the gunpla fort.

As the night wore on and more folks came, the gunpla fort is slowly taken down brick by brick.

V brought steaks. He shave, and apparently the weight of his beard was about 45 lbs, as he’s lost that much weight since removing and getting a hair cut. So this is what Chewbacca looks like under all that fur…. The grill was fired up and we had a meal of steaks, brats, and beer.

The rest of the night was finished off with drinking and playing RockBand as well as Beatles Rockband until well past 2 am. The house was quite by 4:30, and I crashed out close to 6. Damn good build gathering, see you folks back here in two weeks (October 10 is the next build gathering).

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  1. shenphong

    Really nice way to get group builds going with the free kits. Deconstructing/reconstructing kits are always great ways to learn. Myself and a few others in the bay area in Northern California for group builds and to anyone whos always thought of doing it, it’s a great way to meet people with the same interests. Congrats on the haul and sad to hear your friend could not bring his kits along, I’d kill for something like that to show up at our group builds.

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