Feburary 2010 Model Build Gathering

This past weekend was the monthly model build gathering. The folks showed up fairly promptly but we sat around watching the Winter Olympics for a little bit before actually sitting down and working on our respective kits. What can I say, it was the women’s ski jump aerials, and watching a few women eat it hard is always a good time. Watching some pretty impressive aerials was damn impressive too, even though a few of the women just looked like men. *shiver* Sean headed back to the table first then we all just kind of left the tv once they switched over to men’s ski long jump – not having Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, didn’t keep us interested enough to hang around the tv.

Lucky for me, the kits I picked up from this past Wonderfest came in on Saturday, two bust ktis and a 1/8th kit came in so I spent the time at the build gathering pinning and doing some initial sanding.


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September’s Model Build Gathering

Model build gathering and a gunpla fort. This past weekend was the monthly model build gathering. And for those lucky to show up early enough, they got first pick through a literal wall of gunpla – roughly 200 or so kits. They were all mostly built – snapped and some painted, but hell, free kits are free kits, anything can be taken apart and rebuilt.


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Velvet Masking and Reverse Wash Tutorial

A small little update before the weekend starts. The previous night, I masked the last two parts for Velvet and painted them. Also, last night, I sprayed a layer of black enamel over the entire base. The reasoning for that should become fairly clear in the picture below. Today after allowing the enamels to cure for a day, I snapped some pictures and took a video for this technique. Video and link to full tutorial explanation after the jump.


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Resin Figure Building Tools

So a friend of mine has been bugging me for days and weeks to give him a list of tools that I use to build resin figures. So here we go. Note that some of these tools are not necessary, but will make the building process easier; and so are a luxury. Quick and dirty list:

Pin Vise
brass rod
sanding sticks
epoxy glue
drill bit set
tamiya light curing putty
tamiya epoxy putty quick type
milliput (clay like consistency)
Mr Resin Primer
hobby knife
Dykes (cutting tool, get you minds out of the gutter)


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