This past weekend was the monthly model build gathering. The folks showed up fairly promptly but we sat around watching the Winter Olympics for a little bit before actually sitting down and working on our respective kits. What can I say, it was the women’s ski jump aerials, and watching a few women eat it hard is always a good time. Watching some pretty impressive aerials was damn impressive too, even though a few of the women just looked like men. *shiver* Sean headed back to the table first then we all just kind of left the tv once they switched over to men’s ski long jump – not having Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, didn’t keep us interested enough to hang around the tv.

Lucky for me, the kits I picked up from this past Wonderfest came in on Saturday, two bust ktis and a 1/8th kit came in so I spent the time at the build gathering pinning and doing some initial sanding.

First kit I started on was a Cosette bust kit. I loved Les Miserables; my dad took me to see it when I was in high school and to this day, it’s my favorite musical; so when I saw this, I had to find a way to grab it. I figure if I can finish this in a decent amount of time, I can probably enter it into the next SCAHMS show and have the judges and the majority of the other folks there see it as a legitimate kit, as opposed to other anime kits I’ve entered in the past. It even came with it’s own base and labels. It should be a fairly quick kit to build; although all reference pictures have a very muted finish to the colors, so I’ll have to see about what kind of finish I want.

The next kit is an Asuka bust kit from polygonia. The pin points are not clear and there was a bit of flash on connecting points so it made for a tough pinning session. I had first tried to use sticky tack to help align pin holes, but it didn’t work so well, so I ended up just drilling through one side to the other to get as straight a pin as possible.

Now after the initial attempt using the putty method, I still have a huge gap between the parts, so I repinned it by drilling from one side through the other to get an exact match which I think worked fairly well. And the sculpt put a REALLY nice ass on her…

The last kit I worked on is 八雲紫 from some game. It is a 1/8 kit so it’s fairly small, but has a ton of details, so cleaning up this kit will be a bit of a chore, but the finished product should look fairly good. It has a base that is kind of like a leaf like thing and the kit is very well balanced and sits on the leaf nicely.

Brandon came out, he’s still sore from boarding last weekend. But him and Sean were working on some tanks, Sean has a bunch of kits he cycles though and works on, so at any given moment, he’s working on something different from the last time you look over at him.

Terry and Christis worked on their war hammer minis.

Dan and Ed are working on their respective Bandai kits. V lounges around like usual. Nathan is busy working on stuff and not wearing basketball gear as I believe he’s injured and needs to stay away form playing ball for a while until he fully heals up.

One of the new guys this time around is Albert, he’s the one that donated the 200+ kits of 1/144 and various kits for which I built a little fort for Hugo. He finished snapping his kit. The San Diego boys made it out, they hit up Frank and Sons for the first time, so I think they were still a little high on toys and collectibles when they showed up.

Duke spent most of the time playing with Hugo, it’s always fun to watch the two of them play, Beanie usually doesn’t want anything to do with the two tris.

In the middle of the gathering, Art showed up and was heading to the gym, so I changed and went with him to run my usual daily three miles. First time I took off to go work out in the middle of a build gathering, but other than pinning the kits, I’m still not overly motivated to work on stuff. I’ve learned that you just shouldn’t force yourself to work on stuff if you’re not overly motivated, especially for a hobby. Brian came by as well, and is in the same boat as me, just not motivated, so he ended up sitting there watching Inglourious Basterds. Another successful build gathering; next one is set for Saturday March 20th.

For all pictures of the gathering click here:

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  1. dhcloud

    If we had more motivation… I made the comment that we should have packed up everything and made it look like everyone took off when you came back from the gym… I think we were too hungry and anything like that would delay the drinking.

  2. Kim Long

    Man… Why do I always have weddings to photograph on these days?

  3. gundamjehutykai

    WOW! That Yakumo kit looks pretty damn brilliant!!
    I might have to try and get one for myself. The sculptor is supposedly taking orders for her through his website so I still have a chance!!

  4. Han

    Yoh. Sorry I couldn’t make it this month. I’m way behind on homework. Next month, for sure though. I really do want to build and paint my RX-178. ^^

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