From a couple of discussions over at HF regarding the current state of available kits: Post at HobbyFanatics, and coming off the fun of teaching at AX, the idea of holding a build night occurred to me. The idea is to host a build night either once a month or twice a month, invite local modelers over to my house and build models. Since model building is such an introverted hobby, most of use sit in our work areas all alone and build without human interaction. This would be an interesting way to share ideas and techniques; and in the long run, this could spread out to further help the community.

There is only so much I can teach through pictures and videos, actually sitting down and practicing the techniques and such is the actual process that builds the skills. This will probably annoy the piss out of my girlfriend, but oh well, perhaps you guys can bring your significant others and they can congregate and devise ways to kill us in our sleep/rid us of all our models and supplies…. Or just play the WII and Guitar Hero II on the PS2. It also provides a good work area. I know many modelers do not have the proper facilities for building models. This would open up a great opportunity for those that cannot build because they do not have the space. Everyone has different methods for building, so as a community we can learn from each other and see in life how certain techniques are more practical than others.

I know of some other groups of builders who regularly meet up and build. If this is successful, we could possibly have a weekly build night. If you are at all interested, post up a comment or email me. I’d love to start this up, but it requires commitments from people interested in building and interested in learning to build as well.

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  1. jay

    i am working on a dia of kampfer model patroling scene its just in the drawing stage can you show me where is the best web site to order gundam models thank you

  2. gamerabaenre

    Best site would depend on where you live. There are some japanese sites. Check out my links page for more information.

  3. Scott "Chaosdoc"

    I really like this idea. I am mainly a designer and builder, not a painter. I live in the valley here in LA and it looks like i missed the event on the 18th of aug. Any way you could email me so I could show up?

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