So for the past couple of months, Mark W has been traveling out to LA for various business trips, and while out here, he takes the opportunity to work on his models. Since I have a decent workshop, he comes over and gets a good amount of painting done on his kits, quite possibly more painting that he can get done at home. I also get an opportunity to see his painting style, and make comparisons to how I paint. And I get to say that I painted part of his kit as well! I better get some sort of credit for that. Funny that some of the parts that he paints were painted in previous months. But due to the various technical difficulties associated with traveling with still curing model parts, some of those parts make a return trip to get repainted.

marks_sazabi%20001_jpg.jpg marks_sazabi%20010_jpg.jpg marks_sazabi%20005_jpg.jpg

There are more pictures of Mark’s Sazabi on the Yoko progress page as I did a small amount of work on her to merit a small update. Click here to see more.

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  1. MarkW

    I can’t quit you…having a spraybooth I can use.
    Thx a ton, Bro!

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