It’s 4:45 PM and I’m still trying to recover from yesterday’s build gathering. Early in the morning, I hit up a showing of Dark Knight with Will and Chris, and rushed back with them in tow to the house to find that Travis and company were already here. People showed up fairly promptly this gathering, and I think we hit 18 people before 3PM. The house cleared once Otakufuel showed up, and everyone was outside buying kits. Here are a few pictures of the three sections of build areas we ended up with:

mgb13%20008_jpg.jpg mgb13%20028_jpg.jpg mgb13%20043_jpg.jpg

We have a good number of new people this time; I believe we have about 7 or 8 new folks. Hugo watches them intently…

mgb13%20058_jpg.jpg mgb13%20063_jpg.jpg

I didn’t even bother with setting up a work space for myself this gathering. I’m still stuck in my motivational slump. I don’t usually get much build time in on such gatherings so keeping an open space worked out for the best. This made it much easier for me to wander around and help people. Sean is getting much better with his sanding of his Quebeley that he’s working on, and I think that when he finishes that, he’ll be able to tackle any kit with ease. About half the people were building mecha kits while others were building mecha kits. We had a total number of 26 builders, not including me or the other folks that were just there to hang out; with would put the numbers to about 30 people at the house yesterday. Fun times had by all.

mgb13%20023_jpg.jpg mgb13%20013_jpg.jpg mgb13%20017_jpg.jpg mgb13%20011_jpg.jpg

Sean F spent most of the build working on his carrier. Very impressive.

mgb13%20054_jpg.jpg mgb13%20055_jpg.jpg

I fired up the grill earlier than normal, and we were actually able to eat dinner while there was still daylight. We grabbed the chairs and enjoyed the nice weather outside. The folks inside the house threw in Fight Club and were watching it until it kept skipping and stopped altogether, removing the cd, I discover that it is a cheap Chinese bootleg… lovely. Which is odd, because I have a legitimate copy of the movie in my DVD library. With Fight Club off the TV, we set up RockBand and ended up playing until 2 in the morning. Here’s to another successful build gathering! Next one is set for Saturday, August 16.

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  1. kurios

    We ended up finishing Fight Club last night at home. 🙂

    I’m glad the Heineken was enjoyed by most despite not being the Light variety.

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